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200r4 Lockup Wiring Diagram: All the Details

This guide provides all the details of a 200r4 lockup wiring diagram. You will also learn why the 200r4 helps during cruising and how to use it when driving. 

What is 200r4 lockup?

It is a valuable kit during high-speed drives as it allows easy control of the car’s torque converter Lockup. The feature is also essential during in-town cruising, among other use scenarios. 

So how does it work? 

Say you have turned the lockup switch on. The lockup function will be inactive until you engage the fourth gear. The opposite happens when you go down from the fourth gear to the third. In this case, the transmission automatically disengages the lockup. 

It will engage it once more when you hit the fourth gear. 

What is included in the 200r4 lockup kit?

Driving a car. 

Driving a car. 

Installing this kit is straightforward because this is an externally wired type. But before embarking on the installation, it is essential to understand what is on the kit. 

  • First, you’ll find a range of connectors, including a round spade connector, wire connectors, and female spade connectors. Other connectors include the inline wire connector and a prong pigtail connector. 
  • Also, there shall be tie straps and mounting screws for clamping up the kit on the car. 
  • Thirdly, you will have switches, including a 12 V dash power switch and an external oil pressure switch
  • In addition, there is a 21’18’’ gauge electrical wire 

How to lock up wiring 200r4?

200r4 lockup wiring diagram

The 200r4 lockup wiring diagram. 

Wiring steps

An electrician works with an electric block in a car.

An electrician works with an electric block in a car.

  1. Check out your fuse panel for the 12V power source. This port is where you will draw the current to power the 200r4. Locate the port that connects to the car’s battery. Note that the 200r4 lockup is not an accessory, so you cannot connect it to the accessory wire. You must connect it to the main battery power supply system that supplies current when the car is running. 
  2. Next, you’ll identify where you can best place your switch. It should preferably be at any point easily accessible during driving so we recommend the dash. 
  3. Using the above diagram, connect the wires. We also recommend excellent routing and wrapping of the wire in cable clips. Otherwise, if they hang all over, they risk falling off due to car vibrations. 
  4. Once you finish the connections, test if the 200r4 lockup is working. You need to do a test drive in an area without traffic so that you can drive in fourth gear. Finally, if you connect everything per our wiring diagram, expect no hassle in the 200r4 lockup functioning. 


The 200r4 lockup is one of your car’s most essential features, as illustrated in this guide. So install one, and you will significantly boost your car’s driving experience.  

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