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Accessory Wire: Why it is so Important in your Car

The automotive accessory wire is one of the most critical components in your car. So, what does it do in a vehicle? There are many applications, and we’ll reveal them all in detail below. 

What is Accessory Wire

As its name suggests, this wire provides current to the car’s accessories. Its other common name is the ACC Wire. The accessory wire is instrumental in supplying current to parts like the navigation system and car radio. 

Therefore, having the ACC in good shape is critical to ensuring the optimal functioning of the car accessories. You can perform actions such as charging your phone, listening to music, checking navigation features, etc. This is important for enhancing comfort while driving. 

The Role Of Accessory Wires

Car Mobile Accessories. 

Car Mobile Accessories. 

The core function of the accessory wire is to provide current to the accessories without necessarily starting the car engine first. Therefore, it helps bypass the need to power on the engine before you can access the accessory features we described earlier. 

You activate the accessory wire immediately after turning your car key into the ACC position. This simple action means you start listening to music or checking the maps immediately after entering the car. 

Again, as earlier highlighted, this is a significant feature, especially when looking for optimal convenience while driving. 

How To Find Your Vehicle’s Accessory Wire?

Car accessories. 

Car accessories. 

Say you’re a DIY guy looking to repair your car’s accessory wire. Where do you find it? There is no specific location as this varies from one auto to another. But the following are the main areas to check out. 

  1. It is mainly near the car keyhole, especially for manual and old-school cars. Because the accessory wire function directly relates to the key positions. Hence, there’s a big chance of running from the keyhole to the battery. 
  2. The second probable location is near the ignition switch. Again, this is because the accessory wire is associated with one of the ignition positions (the ACC mode). 
  3. If you cannot find it in the above areas, we recommend checking the center console. Your vehicle’s console contains several accessories, and since the accessory wire is responsible for providing power to these parts, this is where you’re most likely to find it. 
  4. You can also track it from other parts it supplies current, such as the radio. So, say you want to replace your old radio with a new one. Immediately after uninstalling the old one, you will note a power cable supplying current to the radio. It is the accessory wire. 
  5. Lastly, in some cars (primarily modern ones), you don’t have to find this wire. They have a preinstalled accessories socket where you simply plug in the device you are adding to the range of your accessories. 

The rule of thumb is always to check out the car’s user manual. Also, checking out the wire labels will help you identify those running into accessories. In addition, remember to exercise caution during this exercise to avoid electric shocks. 

You should only handle car wires when there is no running current. To ensure safety, start by disconnecting the car’s battery terminals

How to Use Accessory Wire Correctly?

A mechanic Installing a car radio. 

A mechanic Installing a car radio. 

Follow these tips for optimal performance of your ACC functionality. 

  1. First, we recommend always confirming that the car key is turned OFF before you can use this function. Also, you must disengage the key from its port before using the accessories for the cars that use old-school keys. 
  2. Remember, we highlighted that the accessory wire feature is an energy-saving mode. Therefore, refrain from using the accessories extensively to save your battery power. 
  3. Thirdly, only use accessories that match the power capacity of your battery. It means using only those that cannot exhaust the battery. Also, we recommend you always use power adapters designed for auto use. Avoid improvisations, as this could lead to accidents or current overdraws. 
  4. In addition, like other electrical systems in your car, this one also requires regular checking and maintenance. Therefore, ensure the mechanic confirms that everything in this area is up and working during car servicing. 
  5. Finally, monitor your battery level when the car is in the ACC mode. You don’t want to overdraw the battery, which means you’ll have to jumpstart the vehicle, which can be inconvenient. 


Driving would be dull without access to functions such as the radio, camera, and navigation. The ACC wire is highly critical; it powers all these functions. Therefore, you must always have yours in excellent shape for the ultimate car-use experience. 

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