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Auto Fuse Tap: Why do you need it?

Adding an auto fuse tap to your car is a great way to expand the fuse box. It allows adding another connection to your already existing fuse/introduces another circuit. 

Think of it this way: Say you want to install a dash cam onto your car. An auto fuse tap provides a pivotal area to add this component seamlessly. Hence, it simplifies connections and allows you to optimize your fuse box use. 

Read on for more.

What is the Fuse Tap?

It’s an accessory that creates two fuse parts (allowing two fuse connections)  from a typical single fuse position in the fuse box. While fuse tap is its primary name, others may refer to it as an Add-a-Fuse Kit. 

If your car already has a fuse box, say you want to add an extra circuit or a secondary component from the fuse. A fuse tap installation is the most convenient way to achieve that. 

Most importantly, choose a fuse tap size that matches the size of your fuse box for compatibility. 

Types of Fuse Tap

Fuse Taps. 

Fuse Taps. 

The major types you can use are: 

  1. Miniature Fuse Tap
  2. Mini Fuse Tap
  3. Regular Fuse Tap
  4. Low Profile Fuse Tap

How do you determine which fuse tap is suitable for your application? We recommend ensuring your choice matches the car’s fuse box voltage ratings and the voltage requirements of the component you want to install. 

But it’s recommended that you consult your mechanic as some cars require special fuse tapes. Nonetheless, for a quick check, you can always unplug your fuse from the fuse box and inspect its teeth design.

Installing a Fuse Tap

A Fuse Tap Mini

A Fuse Tap Mini

Assemble the Materials and Tools

You will require: 

  • A fuse tap compatible with your fuse voltage requirements
  • The component you want to add to the secondary circuit. In our case, we’re adding a dash camera
  • A wire crimper
  • A voltage checker, e.g., a Multimeter
  • A hardwiring kit for the secondary circuit component mainly includes all the required wires. Typically, there are three: the ground, the main wire, and the neutral. 

Identify the Fuse Box

A Car’s fuse box. 

A Car’s fuse box. 

The fuse box’s location varies from car to car. First, you should check the glove box and beneath the steering wheel. In some vehicles, it is near the front footwell. 

But what if you find that there is more than one fuse box? Which will be the best alternative? We recommend the one closest to where you’ll place the new component. 

Choose the Ideal Fuse Slot

A fuse tap. 

A fuse tap. 

We want to use the fuse slot that will cause the most minor disturbance to the car’s functioning. So, you cannot tamper with a fuse slot that handles critical functions like car lights. However, others, like the cigarette lighter, are ideal options. 

It primarily uses limited power and is idle most of the time. When you settle on an ideal fuse slot, don’t just use it immediately. Start by testing its voltage to determine whether it meets the requirements of the secondary circuit you’re introducing. 

Wire Crimping and Connection

Wire -crimping job. 

Wire -crimping job. 

Next, crimp wires onto the fuse tap with your crimping tool. Start by adding a crimp to one end of the wire and a crimp to the other part connecting to the fuse tap. 

Apply substantive pressure to ensure a tight joint and earth your connection. You can connect the ground wire to your auto ground point. If you’re unsure how to do this, consult your vehicle’s wiring manual. 

Finally, install the fuse onto the fuse terminal. It preps your system for the new component’s installation. With the fuse tap in place, your original fuse will continue performing its primary role. 

Wrap Up

The fuse tap makes secondary component installations in the car easy. That’s all for now; take up the challenge and set up the new dashcam using the insights we’ve given. 

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