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Automobile Rocker Switch: How Does it Work on Your Auto Wiring Harness

Do you know how your vehicle’s windows move up and down? It’s because of the automobile rocker switch harness, which connects with motors to allow the movement of window panes. 

This article will teach us how the rocker switch wiring harness works on automobile electric systems. 

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Automobile rocker switch understanding:

An automobile rocker is an electrical switch that moves front and back on a pivot point on pressing. When you press the switch, the switch gets raised from one side and pressed from the other like a garden seesaw. 

These rocker switches need low amperage circuits and thus are suitable for vehicle dashboards and other electronics.

Some electronic systems are power door locks, heated seat switches, power window movement, and rear window defogger grids. 

All modern vehicles come with rocker switches to operate electronic functions efficiently. You can find them in their basic form or the spring-loaded form.

Some rockers come with a spring-loaded switch that helps the switch return to its original position after release.

You must have used such a switch on the power door lock. When you press this switch, the switch moves to one side to allow locking and unlocking of the door.

However, it comes to its original position when you release the button. Similarly, a power window switch pivots back and forth for window movement but comes to its central position on release.

A spring-loaded rocker switch returns to its center position through its spring-loaded mechanism. You need not deactivate the button for that. 

Some rocker switches have a timer that gets activated when pressing the button. Even after releasing the button, the feature functions until the timer completes. You can find them in the grid button of the rear window defogger. 

Modern sports car door panel

Modern sports car door panel

How does the automobile rocker switch operate in a wiring harness?

Wiring Diagram For Electric Window/Powered Door/Heated Seat/Rear Window Defogger Switch (Polarity Reversing 5 Wire Rocker Switch) 

It simply explains how a 5-pin rocker switch works on an Electric Window/Powered Door/Heated Seat/Rear Window Defogger system.

Experts recommend adding an in-line fuse to the connection from the battery to the switch, and also, don’t forget to use a relay in high-current applications.

The switch’s working depends on the polarity of PINs 1 and 5, whose reverses are based on the direction of the switch movement.

When the switch remains at its original position, PIN 1 connects to PIN 2 and PIN 4 to PIN 5. As a result, the output towards the motor, i.e., PIN 1 and 5, remains on the ground. As a result,  the motor does not work. 

However, when you press the switch towards the left, PIN 1 disconnects from PIN 2 and connects to PIN 3, which sets the first motor connection +ve.

However,  the second connection, i.e., PIN 4 and 5, remains on the ground or at zero voltage, and the second motor doesn’t work. As a result, the motor moves in one direction. 

The opposite process starts if you press the switch towards the right. Here, PIN 5 disconnects with PIN 4 and sets the connection with PIN 3.

PIN 1 connects to PIN 2 and remains at the ground voltage. As a result, the second motor connection activates while the first doesn’t work. So,  the motor runs in the opposite direction. 

Custom automobile rocker switch wiring harnesses at Cloom:

You may face functional issues or internal determination with rocker switches. If you encounter any issue, replace the old switch with a plug-and-play replacement. At Cloom, you get options by choosing from;

  • Switch color
  • Length of leads
  • Base material
  • Wires /pins
  • Width of the socket
  • Height of the socket
  • Depth of the socket
  • Coated terminals

Cloom’s pigtail wiring harnesses have the right-sized connectors to fit the factory-wired plug seamlessly. You need not make any cuts and splices in factory wires. 

You can get rocker switch harnesses for operating door locks, power windows, linear actuators, sunroofs, headlights, control panels, and many more. 

Our harnesses work best with 12-volt marine, automobile, and industrial purposes. 

Custom rocker switch wiring harnesses

Custom rocker switch wiring harnesses


Automobile wiring harnesses play a critical role in many systems in your vehicle. So, you cannot afford to compromise on quality.  Get the best quality automobile wiring harnesses from Cloom. Feel free to discuss your queries with our experts. 

I am Lillian Yang, having been a sales manager for over 10 years.

I have received many positive reviews from customers. They have praised our excellent service, on-time delivery, and high-quality cable assemblies.

For your projects, please provide cable assembly files/images/smples, etc., so that I can send you a quotation within 24 hours.

Contact me now and let’s get started on building your wire harnesses!

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