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Aux Cable For iPhone in Car: How To Connect iPhone in Your Car

Modern cars are designed with features that allow you to connect an aux cable to iPhone.

This way, it becomes possible to enjoy your favorite music, make calls, or even charge your phone. 

However, you might struggle to connect your iPhone to the car, not knowing where to start.

Generally, you can connect your car to iPhone via Bluetooth, lightning cable, audio aux cable, and Apple CarPlay.

But how do you manage the connections? 

Keep reading to connect an aux cable for iPhone in the car and more approaches. 

Table of Contents

Using Bluetooth

Nowadays, Bluetooth is available on almost every smartphone. Therefore, you can use this advantage to connect your iPhone to the car. Fortunately, the steps are straightforward. 

Check out the steps below: 

  • First, check whether your car stereo supports Bluetooth connection. You can check your manual or look for a Bluetooth logo on your stereo. If the stereo supports Bluetooth, turn it on. 
  • Next, enable Bluetooth on your iPhone. 
  • Now, you can pair your device to the car stereo by clicking on the car name. 
  • After completing your pairing, the two devices are connected, and you can play your favorite music. 
A man navigating using a smartphone

(A man navigating using a smartphone)

Connecting Using Audio Aux Cable

If a connection via Bluetooth doesn’t work for you, you still have reliable options. Surprisingly, audio aux cables offer a reliable connection between a car stereo and iPhone. 

However, you understand that the market is full of different types of cables.

We recommend purchasing bend-resistant, super durable, and lightweight.

The best option would be a Nylon Braided Aux cable or Syncwire’s iPhone Aux Adapter. 

Below are steps to help you connect your iPhone via audio aux cable:

  • To begin with, plug one end of your cable into the aux port on your car. 
  • Next, connect the other end to your iPhone. 
  • Finally, select the aux mode on your car dashboard to start using your iPhone.

However, you should know that this approach will allow you to play music but won’t offer you the controls to use your device.

To use your device when connected this way, you can use Siri or operate it manually. 

And if this approach fails to work for you, you can still try the remaining options. 

Using a navigation map in a car

(Using a navigation map in a car)

Using The Lightning Nod

The first step is to check whether the car stereo has enabled iPhone connectivity. Check the car head unit for a USB port similar to your PC’s. Most cars have USB ports to allow owners to play music via flash disks. 

To complete the connection, follow the below steps: 

  • After identifying a USB port on the car head unit, plug one end of your lightning cable into it. Also, plug the other end into your iPhone. 
  • This next step involves setting your car stereo to iPhone/USB mode. To do this, press your car stereo menu button. The stereo will receive information from your iPhone. 
  • At this point, you’re free to make calls or play music. 
Connecting iPhone to the car using USB

(Connecting iPhone to the car using USB)

Using Apple CarPlay

By now, you should have noticed that many modern car models come with Apple CarPlay in their system. The feature allows you to listen to music, navigate, receive messages, and make calls while on the wheel. 

Check out the steps to connect your iPhone using Apple CarPlay below:

  • First, activate the pairing mode on your car. It is possible by enabling the Bluetooth mode manually. Also, you can do it by pressing and holding the steering wheel’s voice command button. 
  • Next, connect your iPhone to the car by going to settings and then General. Proceed to the CarPlay option and select the Available Cars options from there. Select your car from the arising options. Finally, you can proceed to play music or make calls while driving. 

We’re certain that if the other options fail to work, this last option will work for you.

Also, remember that Apple CarPlay launches automatically after connecting your device wirelessly to the car through Bluetooth or CarPlay.

Also, this applies to when you connect through a lightning cable

A user using CarPlay

(A user using CarPlay)


As we’ve highlighted, connecting your iPhone to your car stereo is straightforward if you understand what you’re doing.

Generally, you can use Bluetooth,

Apple CarPlay, the lightning cable, and an audio aux cable. Consequently, you can play music, make calls, or navigate as you drive. 

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