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Bullet vs Spade Connectors – How to Choose the Best

About Bullet vs Spade Connectors: Although soldering wires to an electric component gives you a more permanent connection, sometimes it’s not ideal in some situations.

For example, when the electronics need occasional disconnection and reconnection during maintenance, repair, or replacement.

While there are many types of terminals, today we will compare bullet vs spade connectors and discuss their applications.

What are Spade Connectors?

Spade connectors are the most popular cable terminals for wiring gadgets. What makes them common is the quick-connect attribute making them ideal for gadgets requiring frequent connection and disconnection. Generally, these types of connectors feature a barrel, which is mainly the female part of the connector. 

The other part is the spade, which is the male connector of this terminal. You use the part to link the attached cable to the second electrical component’s lug nut contact.

Finally, they consist of a fork or U-shape that utilizes the clamping linking technique for easy installation and disassembly.

Black, red, yellow, and blue spade connectors

Black, red, yellow, and blue spade connectors

Where are Spade Connectors Used?

Generally, you can utilize spade connectors in areas with high amperage loads such as the machines in the manufacturing industry.

You may also find others with small spades that you can use when connecting a car’s electrical terminals, such as speakers, switches, relays, and other components.

However, most spade terminals lack quality insulation, which can cause hazardous connections. The good news is that you can easily buy quality insulators and secure the connectors to avert this problem.

Three spade connectors attached to a cable

Three spade connectors attached to a cable

What are Bullet Connectors?

As the name suggests, bullet connectors typically have a head resembling a bullet barrel. Unlike spade connectors, bullet connectors work in pairs, one representing the male end and the other representing the female end.

While they offer a strong electrical connection, they are not very common today since the inception of the spade connectors. However, you can still find them in applications, such as in 1950 Ford cars.

Two pairs of bullet connectors

Two pairs of bullet connectors

Where are Bullet Connectors Used?

Bullet connectors are widely used in old cars, such as Ford brands. Due to their low resistivity, they work perfectly in case your connection features low amperage.

What most people love about them is their ability to work in a vibration-prone environment without disconnecting. However, you cannot disconnect them easily; even if you do, you may still accidentally ditch the connection wires.  

Bullet vs Spade Connectors: How to Choose

With comprehensive research, spade connectors are better than bullet ones. They can’t cost much since you can easily get them anywhere in the market.

Again, most modern connections have them so you can use them for small and large electrical components. In addition, they allow for easy connection and disconnection, which is vital for apparatus requiring frequent repair or replacement.

While spade connectors may be better, you need bullet connectors, especially in old Ford vehicles. Note that while you can change the bullet connector to a spade one in your old car, you will likely damage the circuit.

Therefore, to maintain the circuit and ensure it remains functional, I recommend bullet connectors in such scenarios.

An image of colored terminal connectors

An image of colored terminal connectors


From our discussion above, we settle this debate by saying spade connectors are ideal for modern systems. You should also note that some vintage car electricals can only use bullet connectors or other terminals.

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