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Button Wiring – How to Install the Push Start Button to your Vintage Car

Button wiring is installing a push-button start ignition on a car. This type of button allows the car to start without using the traditional key system. So, what are the perks of button wiring? Find out below. 

Why is a Push Button Start Ignition Important?

This type of ignition is a common feature in most modern vehicles. It is accompanied by a car fob that eliminates the need to use the traditional key-start ignition. 

However, it does not exist in vintage cars. So why is it that important? 

Improves Car Start Technology

If your car relies on the key system to start, this is a great way to rejuvenate it and match modern auto standards. It will also ensure you avoid the hassle of always carrying your key when running errands. 

Therefore, if you’re near your car, you can unlock it without pressing a button. You can also open the car tailgate by moving your foot around the boot. Nothing beats this convenience; thus, the push-button start is an excellent addition. 

It enhances Car Security.

This start system guarantees your car’s security. Unlike conventional car starters, this mode uses a safer electronic key. This system has a code that your car’s computer decodes, thus unlocking the vehicle. 

Auto Lock System

No tension beats alighting your car and then remembering that you didn’t lock the doors. With a push-button start ignition, this hassle is no more because the system has an auto-lock feature. 

It will lock the car immediately if you are out of its detection range. It means you don’t always have to countercheck if you locked the car doors. 

What is the Cost of Installing a Push Start Ignition on a Vintage Car?

Retro car parked in an old European city street. 

Retro car parked in an old European city street. 

You don’t have to spend a fortune to give your old school car a new start system to replace the old one. The car parts you require for this exercise will cost about $150. Some kits are as cheap as $45. 

You should also budget for the installation costs. The complexity of the installation will determine the mechanic’s charges. The standard flat rate is about $100 per hour. 

For an experienced mechanic, this task shouldn’t take more than two hours, so a budget of around $200 will do. Assume you go for the most expensive kit, which costs $150. You need an average of $350 for the entire installation. 

Nonetheless, you may have to dig deeper into your pockets if you’re driving a luxury car, as tier push button ignition kits cost more. Also, they are complex to wire. 

Finally, there’s the option of doing the job yourself. But this depends on whether you have the expertise to repair it; otherwise, you’ll have to outsource the service. 

How to Choose a Push Start Button Kit

Engine Start Stop button on a modern car.

Engine Start Stop button on a modern car.

It is important to make key considerations when choosing a push-start button kit. It is to ensure compatibility with your car. Some of the critical things to consider include the following: 

  1. First, you must ensure that the kit has a convenient operating range. It allows you to control your car remotely even while far from it. 
  2. Also, it is recommendable to choose a push-start button kit that allows control from your mobile phone. Today’s cars have smart systems that allow you to control your vehicle from your smartphone. However, such control comes with additional costs, which means digging deeper into your pockets. 
  3. It should have an engine stop feature, allowing you to switch off your car remotely. A car push-start button kit should be the first point of assistance if your car is stolen. Hence,  thieves who steal the vehicle can no longer continue driving it. 
  4. Ideally, the kit should also have several key fobs. You often share the vehicle with your partner and want them to have a key fob. Other times, you would simply like a spare one. All these are critical; therefore, you must ensure your chosen kit has the provisions. 

How To Convert Car To Push Button Start?

The car engine starts.

A Sunny Yellow vintage car. 

  1. Start by assembling the parts and tools necessary for this installation. 
  • A multimeter
  • A screwdriver
  • A Soldering iron
  • A 10mm wrench
  • A Drill 
  • An electrical tape
  1. With the above tools, you’re ready to kickstart the installation process. Start by removing the steering wheel cover to expose the ignition wiring beneath. 
  2. At this juncture, you still need to have the power system connected to help you identify the car’s wiring. Using the multimeter, determine which wire is the 12-volt power supply wire. Consult the vehicle’s wiring diagram to help you find the wire more easily. 
  3. You can mark the wire so you don’t lose track of it. You can disconnect the car’s negative battery terminal to discontinue power flow. 
  4. Now, check out the push-button ignition kit packaging for the wiring instructions. Connect the wires as per the instructions. At this step, you require the wire stripper to remove the insulation cover on the wires. Also, the solder will be handy in linking the wires. 
  5. An essential feature of this installation is the transponder. As a safety measure, it allows you to ensure that the car starts only when you have pressed the brakes terminal. Therefore, connect it to the car’s brake switch to activate this functionality. 
  6. Also, you must be creative about accommodating the push button switch on your car’s dashboard. This feature is unavailable in vintage and 90s vehicles, so this installation is not an outright removal and installation. 
  7. If making room for the push button seems too much work, you can buy a kit with the remote start feature. Countercheck the connections to ensure everything is well set and reconnect the car’s power supply. Now, test if the push button is working. 


Button wiring will help you remodel your old car to fit modern drive specifications. It allows you to have an easy way when starting your vehicle. This is through moving you from the old-school complexities of always carrying your keys around. The installation process is a breeze, as highlighted in this post. 

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