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Cable Assembly Manufacturers: Everything You Need To Know

Wire harnesses and cable assemblies play an important role in the functionality and safety of electrical products today. Therefore, to ensure the efficiency and safety of your product, you need reliable, certified, and experienced cable assembly manufacturers

Read on to learn how to choose one.

Cable Assembly

Cable Assembly

What is a Custom Cable Assembly?

A cable has insulated conductors bundled by electromagnetic shielding and covered by an outer sheath.

Generally, a cable features cable connectors on one or both ends that link the cable between devices, for example, computer to camera or motherboard to hard drive.

Often, companies make standard cables made of standard materials, connectors, constructions, colors, lengths, and sizes.

Often, such cables work fine; however, some applications require specific features. Hence the need for custom cable assemblies.

Custom cable assemblies provide superior performance and are engineered to meet specific requirements for a certain application.

Such cables are made from the best material to meet performance and condition requirements. Also, they can be color-coded, labeled, or marked for easier repair and assembly.

To put it in simple terms, a custom cable will do a better job compared to a standard cable.

Advantages of Custom Cable Assemblies:

  1. Reduces Weight – Custom cable assemblies are made according to the required weight, unlike standard-sized cables, eliminating any unnecessary weight. 
  2. Optimizes Layout and Performance – You can select the ideal form factor and minimum bend radii to better serve your needs.
  3. Reduces Cabling -You don’t need multiple cables running from one point to another; you can simply have all of them bundled into a single cable to make installation easier and keep everything tidy.
  4. Offers Strain Relief and Exact Number of Connectors – You can opt for whatever style and configuration to better serve your equipment and application.
  5. Meets Electrical Performance Goals – You can choose the best shielding and conductors to better serve your needs.
  6. Increased Cable Lifespan – You can choose the best insulation and sheathing material that better serves your application’s environment.
  7. Eliminates Assembly Mistakes and Simplifies Repair – You can color code your assembly to help avoid any mistakes during assembly and make repairing easier as you can easily identify cables.
  8. Saves Assembly Time – You can have multiple cables bundled into one, avoiding loops and ties during assembly, saving money and time.
  9. Maximizes Branding – You can mark or label your cable to help customers easily identify it, thus enhancing your brand’s image and name.

Applications of Custom Cable Assemblies

  • Military and Defense – Custom cables are designed to withstand intense environmental conditions. Also, the shielding offers exceptional shielding against EMI, and the connectors can resist intense vibration.
  • Aerospace – The exact length and type of material help save SPACE, which is important in the aerospace industry.
  • Medical – Custom cables feature exceptional shielding that helps ensure signal integrity and can withstand harsh cleaning agents.
  • Industrial – Custom cables are made of custom dimensions and materials to help EMI and enhance flexing when necessary.
  • Telecommunications – Custom cables offer stable connections and easier installation for simple plug-ins.

Wire Harness Outsourcing: The Benefits

Here are the various benefits of outsourcing manufacturing.

Lower Production Costs

If you plan on manufacturing your wire harnesses, consider the following production costs: labor, equipment, insurance, tax, and overhead, which only take a further toll in the long run.

With such expenses in mind, you will have to increase the price of your products, which will only drive consumers to opt for alternative options.

However, you will have significantly lower production costs when you outsource your wire harness production.


If you’re just starting or own a small to mid-sized business, likely, your team of engineers aren’t experts, which will significantly drain your resources.

However, if you outsource to the right partner, you will get the best service from a team of experts who have been manufacturing harnesses for a long time.

Efficient Product Capabilities

If you choose to manufacture your wire harnesses, you will likely suffer product shortages and various inventory problems, especially if there’s a sudden demand for your product.

However, manufacturers are ready to handle large volumes to ensure your inventory is always stacked and products readily available.

Flexibility to Work With Different Manufacturers

If you choose to do your own production, you will need additional equipment to produce the different designs, which would take a significant toll on your business financially.

You would also need to increase your staff to save production time. However, outsourcing your production is the freedom to work with the manufacturer of your choice. 

Sourcing Raw Materials at Cheaper Prices

Overseas manufacturers are able to source raw materials at significantly cheaper prices than you would. Since such manufacturers produce wire harnesses in large volumes, they are able to get discounted prices, which in turn also saves you on expenses.

More Capital for You to Invest in Your Business

As previously highlighted, manufacturing your own wire harness costs are very steep. Therefore, when you outsource your production you save on expenses that you direct to other aspects of your business.

What Your CM Needs For The Cable Assembly Manufacturing Process

The more precise and detailed specifications you provide, the simpler the assembly process. Below are some of the data you should provide to your contract manufacturer to get the best design.

  • Wire list that specifies the connector pinouts, wire colors, and nets.
  • Connector images that detail pin locations.
  • Bill of materials with part numbers.
  • Complete assembly drawing with assembly tolerances, instructions, and label locations.
  • Complete test specifications.

Steps of the Cable Assembly Manufacturing Process

With the proper documentation, you can expect your contract manufacturer to follow the general process below to manufacture your cable assemblies.

Design Review

A CM’s first step will be to examine your bill of materials and other necessary documentation to ensure everything they need is in place.

Plus, they will review your specified parts to determine if they are the best choice depending on performance, cost, and availability. If not, they will suggest alternative options.

Materials Preparation:

Once they finalize the bill of materials, the next step will be to purchase the materials and components required for manufacturing and testing.

Assembly Documentation:

At the same time as the procurement, your CM will begin creating the assembly documentation for the manufacturing floor according to your input.

This will entail assembly steps, illustrations, images, and test procedures. The assembly panel is also created with all the necessary pegs at specified positions.

Cable Assembly Production:

Depending on your build instructions, the assembly technicians cut the wires to length and lay them out in the assembly panel. Connectors are added, labels are attached, and wires are bundled together.

Cable Connector

Cable Connector


Once the cable is complete, it is tested for continuity. Also, the cable will be tested for labeling and construction if the intended system is on-site.

How To Qualify a Cable Assembly Manufacturer to Ensure a Successful Contract

Below are some questions you can ask to determine if a manufacturer is a good fit for your business.

Do They Have The Proper Cable Assembly Equipment?

If you choose a contractor that only manually assembles the cable, you will not save any costs. The right equipment helps manufacturers provide consistent wire lengths, ensuring product quality.

Do They Offer Quick Delivery?

Depending on how quickly your consumers demand your product, you’ll need a reliable contractor to deliver a certain volume of wire harnesses on time. Before you settle on a contractor, ask about the steps they take to offer quick deliveries.

Do They Adhere to ISO 9001 Requirements and Standards?

ISO 9001 ensures quality and safety to improve processes and procedures. Therefore, ensure your contractor is ISO-certified to ensure you receive products up to industry standards.

Do They Offer Payment Terms?

Payment terms allow you to pay for the goods 30 days after they are shipped. Such payment structures usually offer discounts. You can easily negotiate the terms if you offer your contractor bulk orders. However, if you only make small orders, it will be harder to negotiate payment terms, but the door isn’t completely closed.

Do They Accept Bulk Orders?

Most manufacturers allow you to purchase 1,00 pieces and ship 250 every month. Therefore, you are committing to buying 1,000 pieces without paying so they can buy materials in bulk and offer you better prices.

Do They Offer Buffer Quantities?

If fast deliveries are a major concern, then an extra buffer quantity produced and readily available can help. Maybe you can increase your normal order from 1,000 pieces to 1,500 pieces and still have to pay for only 1,000. 

Alternatively, if you only purchase 250 pieces at a time, you can have 250 pieces made on the shelf for quick shipment. Therefore, once you request the 250 pieces your contractor begins manufacturing another batch of 250 immediately for the next time you need them.

Are Shipping Fees Covered?

Ask your contractor if they have a free shipping threshold. You might need to order over $1,000 to enjoy free shipping. When you combine the free shipping and discount rates, you can save money while still ensuring product quality.

Do They Offer Some Wire Assembly Services?

Can a contractor produce cut wires and cables according to your needs? Do they terminate, solder, and follow complex specification requirements? Ask about their quality services and note how quick they reply and how detailed their response is. The information will help you better decide if they fit your business perfectly.


There you have it; all you need to know about custom cable assemblies. If you’re looking for a qualified and reliable contract manufacturer, contact Cloom Tech for the best custom cable assembly services.

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