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Cable Manufacturing Companies: An ultimate guide to them

About Cable Manufacturing Companies: Electric cables and wires have become an integral part of our modern lives. When everything works on electricity or through the internet, these cables and wires are like lifelines. They help carry electricity, power and data signals to our homes.

And the place where you get all this stuff is the cable industry. This article explores more about electric cables and wire manufacturers. Also, you will get to know the world’s top 7 cable manufacturing companies.

Understanding wire and cable manufacturing companies

The cable manufacturing industry is a diverse sector comprising different products and applications. These industries manufacture different varieties of wires and cables to suit the specific needs of different applications. Some key sectors of this industry include industrial cables, electric cables, power cables, and mining cables.

Three-core cable. Blue, yellow and brown insulation

This industry is continuously evolving due to changing consumer requirements and technological development. Based on this evolution, some trends and future predicted in this industry are:

Advanced networking technology:

The need for fiber optic cables increases as the 5G network is in place. Only the fiber optic cables can handle the high capacity and transmission speed of 5G networks.

Innovative products for electric vehicles:

The industry must focus on manufacturing strong power cables to meet the demands of electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

Power cables for renewable energy sources:

The focus on renewable energy sources like wind and solar is rising. The cable industry must develop high-quality power cables for electricity transmission through renewable sources.

Technology matching with smart grids:

The newly developed smart grids need specialized cables to communicate with consumers and power utilities.

Finding sustainable solutions:

As the focus on sustainability grows, cable manufacturers must develop innovative solutions to minimize carbon footprint.

Extending global reach:

As more countries move towards urbanization, cable manufacturers must expand their reach to fulfill their infrastructure needs.

Offering customization:

Customers always look for customized solutions that perfectly meet the demands of modern applications. Thus, cable manufacturers must focus on manufacturing various products to cater to their customers’ modern demands.

Workers looking through rolled-up cables in the factory

Workers looking through rolled-up cables in the factory

Challenges ahead of cable manufacturing companies:

All thanks to the wire and cable manufacturers that we are living in this interrelated world. But like everyone else, these manufacturers also face challenges affecting their operations.

High cost of raw materials:

The cost of raw materials never remains the same. The increasing cost may greatly affect production costs.


Cybercrime is rising, and manufacturers must develop innovative solutions to protect data traveling through their cables.

Advancing technology:

Manufacturers need to space up with ever-evolving technology because it’s the need of their customers.

Complying with industry standards:

Cable products are useless without compliance with safety and environmental standards. Manufacturing companies’ research and development teams continuously work to find new products that meet these industry standards.

Competitions at the global level:

As you saw, every cable manufacturing company is expanding globally, and the tough competition is obvious. Companies regularly need to work on their products and services to establish and maintain a presence in the market.

Supply chain interruptions:

Disruptions in the supply chain caused by natural disasters, global events, or pandemics like COVID-19 affect these companies’ production and delivery targets.

The desire for sustainable solutions:

As the world moves towards sustainability, cable manufacturing companies must also keep up with the trend. Another major challenge is manufacturing sustainable products while maintaining their quality.

Copper-cored wire wrapped in plastic

Copper-cored wire wrapped in plastic

7 Leading cable manufacturing companies across the world

Here are seven companies that are leaders in the cable manufacturing industry owing to their high-quality products, dedication to work and commitment to meet customer needs.

Amphenol Corporation:

Arthur J Schmitt, an entrepreneur in the USA, founded Amphenol in 1932. Since then, the company has stood among the top leaders of the wire and cable distributors. Over the years, Amphenol strived hard to become the leading cable and wire manufacturer, specializing in wires, cables and fiber optic connectors.

Earlier, the company manufactured radio tube sockets, the first product in its huge portfolio. The company’s dedication to innovation and quality made it a key player in industrial cable manufacturers.

Headquartered in Wallingford, Amphenol Corporation now has a global reach with its 60 subsidiaries worldwide. With its impressive journey, the world recognizes Amphenol as a high-voltage cable manufacturer.

Sumitomo Electric Industries:

With a notable presence in over 30 countries and around 400 subsidiaries, Sumitomo Electric Industries has successfully marked its global presence.

Operating in five different businesses, namely information and communication, automotive, environment and energy, electronics, and industrial materials, Sumitomo has global customers from all industries.

Their cutting-edge product range results from their continuous strive towards innovation and quality. Their innovative products have been a significant game changer in telecommunications and traffic control systems.

Sumitomo always focused on human safety and environmental protection for industrial cables and wires, making their products safe for everyone. As a result, Sumitomo stands at the top of the list of trusted electric cable suppliers. 

Prysmian Group:

Prysmian Group specializes in manufacturing electric cables for the energy and telecommunications sectors. The company was founded in 2005 after acquiring Goldman Sachs’s Systems and cables businesses.

With its headquarters in Milan, Italy, the company boasts itself as one of the top 10 cable manufacturers in the world.

Prysmian Group also excels in manufacturing and placing underground and submarine electric cables for the distribution and transmission of electricity.

The company’s portfolio is quite diverse, including copper cables, fiber optic and data cables, low-voltage cables for construction, etc. Through its operational offices and factories, the company has its reach globally to over 50 countries.

The company’s devotion to sustainability helps it evolve technically, making it a frontrunner among high-voltage cable manufacturers.

Prysmian also has expertise in manufacturing wind farm cables required by renewable energy sources like wind turbines.

Prysmian Group is a trustworthy electric cable supplier, establishing electrical connections for residences and businesses worldwide.

Dacon Systems Inc:

Dacon Systems Inc., a trustworthy name in cable manufacturing, specializes in superior-quality cables and wires. Catering to the needs of its diverse customers, the company is expertise in producing a wide range of products, from miniature cables for medical equipment to robust cables built to handle high-temperature conditions.

Their huge portfolio includes flexible wires, motor wires, Teflon cables, and miniature and custom coaxial cables.

The company follows industry standards and has ISO 9001:2015 and other industry-specific certificates. With 40 years of experience and dedication to quality, the company ranks among the top high-grade wire and cable manufacturers. When looking for industrial cable solutions, Dacon Systems Inc. is the name to look for.


Hitachi Cables, a name that needs no introduction, is a Japan-based electrical goods company. Founded by Namihei Odaira in 1910, the company started as a motor manufacturer. Gradually, in the year 1918, it took a turn towards electrical cable manufacturing. 

Since then, Hitachi cables have never looked back. Its comprehensive product portfolio has a turnover of 106 billion USD (2023). Whether you need automotive parts, copper products, electrical cables and wires, electronic devices and components, System Integration services, or network hardware, Hitachi cables have it all.

With its manufacturing and sales operations in 44 countries, the company has a worldwide reach. Hitachi Cables’ commitment to innovation, quality, and excellence has made it a frontrunner among electrical cable suppliers.

EIS Wires and cables:

Customers looking for high-performing and high-quality control cables and top-notch instrumentation solutions look no further than EIS Wires and Cables. 

The company designs cables to meet the growing needs of various industries, such as pulp and paper, power generation, solar energy, steel production or refining, and petrochemicals. The cables’ superior quality and sophisticated craftsmanship make them perfect for evolving industries.

EIS cables enable string signal transmission in modem sensors and manufacture industrial cables for modern applications. The name EIS Wires and Cables appears among the top choices of electric cable suppliers.

Hebei New Baofeng Wire:

Hebei New  Baofeng Wire, a China-based cable and wire manufacturer, stands among the top competitors in the cable manufacturing industry.

The company is an expert in manufacturing superior cable and wire products in its advanced facilities. The company group, Hebei New Baofeng Wire and Cable Co. Ltd., mainly emphasizes driving innovation and quality in its products.

The remarkable equipment under their name includes a high-voltage (750kV) vertical production line and a 10-110 kilovolts partial discharge testing device. Designing China’s first ever high voltage (500kV) cross linkage line was one of their notable achievements.

The company manufactures and delivers cables and wire solutions to various countries, including Asia, Africa, Europe, etc. Its wide experience and deep expertise are reflected in the quality of its products, making it a preferred choice among customers when it comes to industrial cable suppliers.


Cable and wire manufacturers are pivotal in effectively managing our businesses, industries, and everyday lives. Dedicated to quality, innovation, and excellence, Cloom is also one such cable manufacturing company that strives hard to manufacture custom cable products to meet customers’ evolving demands.

Whether you need cable for powering your premises, high-speed data transmission, or high-quality cables for automotive industries, Cloom has it all from global suppliers.

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