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Can I replace a fuse with a higher amp one?

Can I replace a fuse with a higher amp one? Whether it’s the sudden blinking of your check engine light or some rattling sound that you hear on and off, car problems like these are obvious. 

Most of the car issues would demand a professional hand to get fixed. However, it doesn’t mean you cannot handle any car issue. 

Enough tools in the market let you fix some tiny problems you face in your everyday life.

All these problems you solve without a mechanic’s help will save you a lot of money. In this article, we will find a solution to one such problem, i.e., replacing a car fuse.

Let’s know about it in detail.

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What is a car fuse?

A fuse is a component that protects the car’s wiring. It functions by blowing off itself when the passing current exceeds its standard limit. You must use a correct-sized fuse and install it at a particular location to protect the intended wire. For example, the fuse connected to the radio wire protects the radio and the wires whenever there is more current than usual. 

Every fuse comes with a particular ampere limit and with varying color codes. Pick the proper fuse with the correct amperage rating to ensure complete safety.

Most electrical problems in the vehicle occur because of the alternator and the battery issue. However, sometimes, due to high currents, the fuse overheats and melts, disrupting the electricity flow.

So, check your fuse next time you face an issue with your electronic accessories or something else. You can rectify the problem by replacing the fuse.

Car fuse box

Car fuse box

Different types of car fuse:

Fuses are available in different sizes and types, each suiting a special purpose and unique component in your vehicle. Commonly, cars come with blade fuses, which are available in variable ampere ratings. These are:

Micro 2 (5-30 amperes)

Micro 3 (5-15 amperes)

Regular ATO/ATC (1-40 amperes)

Maxi heavy duty (20-100 amperes)

Can I replace a fuse with a higher amp one?

In a vehicle, a fuse blows due to age, extensive use, overload of accessories, use of incorrect amperage fuse, or low-quality fuse.

In any of the above situations, you need to replace the fuse.

Some ask, “ Can I replace a fuse with a higher amp?” The answer is “NO”.

Let’s understand this with an example. Suppose you use a 30-amp fuse instead of a 10-amp fuse.

The 10-amp fuse was now connected to wires and components designed for low current value. Connecting a high amp fuse to this circuit allows more current.

As a result, the wiring harness and components connected to that fuse have a high probability of damage.

Alternatively, it is also impossible to use a low amp fuse instead of a high amp fuse circuit. If you do so, the fuse will blow more often.

Although the blown fuse won’t damage any component, you will face continuous interruptions of your electrical accessories and the need for repeated replacements. 

Fuse box wiring harness

Fuse box wiring harness

How can you change a car fuse?

Here are the steps for replacing a blown fuse.

  • First, look for the fuse’s panel. Mostly, it is under the steering column, but you can refer to the owner’s manual if not found.
  • Remove the cover of the fuse panel. You will find several fuses with different colors and amperages for various components. You can again take the help of the owner’s manual to know which fuse powers which component.
  • Look for the blown fuse, which is black or whose metal filament is broken.
  • Take the blown fuse out with the help of different tools. Be careful not to break other fuses, as they are pretty delicate.
  • Put a new fuse in place of the broken one with the correct amperage. Refer to the fuse panel or the owner’s manual to know the correct amperage of the broken fuse.
  • Always keep some extra fuses in your glove box. However, if you suddenly encounter a fuse problem, you can use a fuse from some other function with the same amperage in place of the broken fuse. For example, if your fuse for power windows is blown, you can replace it with a rear wiper fuse, provided it is of the same amperage and there is no rain.
  • Once replaced, start the vehicle to check it is working.
  • If you notice that the same fuse is blowing repeatedly, it’s time to call a mechanic.
The Engineer Changed the fuse in the box

The Engineer Changed the fuse in the box

What if the car fuse doesn’t fit in the fuse box?

You can install the fuse by different methods, either in the fuse box or directly in the circuit path without any fuse box. 

Fuses you install directly without a fuse box are inline fuses.

Like other fuses, this fuse protects the circuit by managing the current flow.

You will need a two-piece holder to install this fuse. Also, you may require some tools, such as tripping pliers, wire-cutting tools, butt connectors, crimping pliers, and a right amperage fuse.

Follow these instructions for installing this fuse holder properly:

  • First, disconnect the power supply to the device.
  • Use wire-cutting pliers and cut the positive cable near the circuit.
  • Now, strip off ¼ inch of insulation of each wire end. 
  • Also, strip off the fuse holder ends with pliers. While stripping, ensure that the wires are held tightly so that you do not damage the fuse’s internal components. 
  • Twist the circuit’s wires so you can easily and firmly connect the wires.
  • Insert the twisted wire end into the crimp connector (butt-splice) and press it with crimping pliers.
  • Insert one of the fuse holder’s wire ends into the splice connector’s other end and apply pressure as you did earlier. Make sure that you secure both ends firmly.
  • Now, take the main device wire, twist it, and insert the wire into a new butt connector and clamp the wire.
  • Now, twist the holder wire’s other end, put it into this new splice connector, and crimp it.
  • Finally, insert the correct amp-rated fuse inside the holder.  Connect its halves by applying pressure. These holders have a snap or screw design, depending on which you can either screw close or snap the two holder pieces together.
  • Restore the power to the device, and you are done.
Inline fuse wiring harness

Inline fuse wiring harness


Fuses used in vehicles or automotive fuses play an essential role in protecting important and expensive components of your car. You can find these fuses in almost all types of vehicles.

They are inexpensive and easy to replace, but you must use one with the correct amperage.
If you need any help regarding the fuse, fuse wire, or other automotive wiring harness, contact Cloom. We deal in all sorts of wiring harnesses and cable assemblies used in various industries.

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