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Car AC Blowing Hot Air: How to Fix the Problem

Is your car AC blowing hot air? Then, something is amiss somewhere because this shouldn’t be the case. 

Ideally, the AC should be the primary way to give your car a cool breeze on a hot summer day. 

Nonetheless, you can fix the issue if you know the probable causes. Check out this guide for further insights on what can lead to the AC blowing hot air during summer.

 Also, learn of the dangers of such a scenario and ways to mitigate it. 

What Causes Your Car AC to Blow Hot Air?

Here are some of the common reasons your AC is malfunctioning. 

Faulty Electrical System

The car’s AC depends on the electrical system for power supply. Hence, the AC will start malfunctioning if there’s an apparent electrical fault. 

Notably, electrical systems are complex, comprising parts like fuse boxes, switches, and relays. Hence, if these parts fail, no current will reach the AC. So, it will also shut down. 

Therefore, if your AC is blowing hot air, the first mitigation is to check the electrics. If you’re not an expert in electrical repairs, engage a professional mechanic to check this out.

 But you can undertake some of the electrical issues repairs yourself, such as replacing a blown fuse

Low Or Leaking Refrigerant

Car AC vent streams. 

Car AC vent streams. 

All AC systems (even your fridge at home) have a coolant fluid that passes through the systems, bringing about the cooling effect. 

The gaseous refrigerant is always in a closed-loop system. 

Thus, there’s no chance of it getting out unless there’s a refrigerant leak. 

Whenever you realize that you’re dealing with a low refrigerant problem, you must check out for available leaks.

 Refrigerant issues are serious and need urgent attention; otherwise, the cooling system will collapse. 

The refrigerant can be an ozone-depleting substance; thus, a leak has adverse environmental effects.

 So, if you note low refrigerant levels, engage an expert technician to fix the issue. 

Faulty Condenser

Car Air conditioning. 

Car Air conditioning. 

The condenser plays the cardinal duty of cooling the hot refrigerant once it has passed via the compressor. 

In almost all vehicles, the compressor is between the grille and the radiator. This arrangement enhances the fast cooling of the coolant as air passes via the grate. 

Nonetheless, this setting means a high chance of dirt and dust entering the condenser. 

This may result in the puncturing of its tubes, which affects the component’s cooling role.

The solution is to clean all the dirt at the grille and fix the broken condenser. 

Bad Compressor

A mechanic repairs a faulty compressor system. 

A mechanic repairs a faulty compressor system. 

An AC compressor creates enough pressure to run the refrigerant fluid throughout the system. 

When this happens, the result is a cooling effect in the car. However, the compressor can sometimes fail primarily because the component is always overworking. 

Moreover, if you haven’t used the car AC for some extended time and then powered it on, you’re most likely to experience a compressor failure. 

Therefore, it’s always advisable to keep the compressor in good shape. 

Also, regular maintenance checks are important. 

Broken Cooling Fans

Car AC Blowing Hot Air: A mechanic fixes radiator cooling fans.

A mechanic fixes radiator cooling fans.

As basic as it may appear, a cooling fan is arguably among the most crucial components in a car’s AC.

Their cardinal role is to deliver a waft of cool air, which is imperative in cooling the refrigerant. Keeping the refrigerant cool is highly important. The effect will be transferred to the car’s AC output. 

Usually, cars have a pair of cooling fans, and they can get damaged because of road debris. It can lead to their failure and subsequent inability of the engine to cool appropriately.

So, if your car’s cooling fans are broken, you need to ask your mechanic to replace them. 

Dirty Air Filter

Cabin air filters are a common feature in most car models. The filters are prone to collecting dust and debris, especially with continued use, which lowers their functionality. 

You can tell when you have dirty filters from the following signs: 

  • If your car blows hot air,
  • When you realize a musty smell whenever you switch on the AC, 
  • If there’s an unusual noise when your AC is running. 

Replace the air filters if they are dirty, as cleaning them may take quite a lot of work. You can always do this if you have the car’s user manual. The alternative is to engage a mechanic for a professional auto tuneup. 

The other major cause of hot air coming from the AC is a faulty blower motor problem. 

The Dangers of Faulty A/C Systems in Summer

Car AC Blowing Hot Air: Fresh air coming from a car's AC. 

Fresh air coming from a car’s AC. 

Driving a car with a faulty A/C system in the summer can have catastrophic effects. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration warns that hot air accumulation is inevitable without an AC. 

You can have a scenario where the car’s interior is hotter than the outside ambient temperatures.

Moreover, common mitigation measures, such as parking in the shade or rolling the car window, are futile when the AC is faulty. 

The main harm of temperature accumulation is dehydration. Thus, you will start feeling dizzy and confused. Electric vehicles’ problem is more severe as they rely on efficient cooling for optimal performance. 

Therefore, always take action and repair your car’s AC if it is not properly working. 


We have got you covered if you have been grappling with a car AC-blowing hot air issue. 

Above, we have discussed the six main reasons you’re experiencing the problem. Each of them can independently cause the problem. Hence, it is crucial to carry out proper diagnostics. 

Additionally, if there’s a part that requires to be fixed, ensure you do it promptly. 

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