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Car Connector – What Are They and Their Functions

About Car Connector: Your car’s electrical system is very important for its safety and optimum functionality. 

As you may expect, you can only interconnect these electrical systems using appropriate and quality wiring harnesses. 

However, for your wiring harnesses to work, you must use car connectors to link them to different systems. 

Today, we will discuss what car connectors are, their functions, and how to de-pin and pin them.

What Is The Car Connector?

Generally, car connectors are fittings you use to connect different car electrical systems. 

For example, the part that connected the engine to the starter or even your car headlights to power. 

These parts feature robust metal that can withstand heat, moisture, and corrosion. Car connectors come in different shapes and sizes; some are custom-fit while others are universal. 

Apart from connecting and transferring current and information, connectors also help hold a harness tightly.

A colored car connector

A colored car connector

What Is the Main Function of the Car Connector?

As we established earlier, car connectors aim to link different electronic systems. It ensures your equipment gets power, data, security, and stability to function as intended. 

You can also use connectors to link external equipment to your car to enable specialized functions. 

Another example of external connector usage is connecting a jumper wire to start your car when the battery is down.

How to De-pin and Re-pin Automotive Wiring Connectors

Your car connectors may eventually suffer damage and fail to function properly. In this section, I will show you how to repair a connector using the de-pin and re-pin techniques. 

Gather the right tool.

As you may expect, the first step in every repair requires gathering the right tools and materials. Here, some of the tools you need are a set of screwdrivers, a dipping tool, and a solder gun.

Remove the connector cap.

First, remove the top cap of your connector to reveal to inside. You can do this by using the de-pinning tool or a small screwdriver. 

Then, carefully pull this cup out to expose the catches.

Release the catches

After removing the cap, use a small brush to wipe any dust or debris inside the connector. Catches are the parts that hold the connector pins. 

To release them, lift them gently using either a small screwdriver or the de-pinning tool. Do not be overly rough, as this may destroy the catches, making them useless.

Connectors installed in a wire harness

Connectors installed in a wire harness

Pull the pin out and brush it

While releasing the catch, you must simultaneously pull the associated pin out using the other hand. Be careful not to pull the catch too much to avoid destroying the pigtails.

 Once you have your connector contact pin, you will need to brush it gently to remove any corrosion or dirt.

 Doing so ensures proper contact during connection and reliable transmission. You may also solder it thinly to enhance its terminals.

Put the pin back and finalize

When cleaning and improving the pin contact, gently put it back in its position. Ensure you hear a slight click sound to ascertain the pin sits properly. 

Now, do the same with the other connector contact hole. From there, check to see if you have securely fastened the catches in their position. 

While here, ensure they are flush with the terminals. Finally, put the connector cup back in its position and test your connector to see if it works.

A disassembled electric connector

A disassembled electric connector

One of the things that makes car connectors so popular is their affordable price. Connectors are also convenient, especially if you follow the installation manual. Additionally, as we said earlier, some are universal hence can connect several devices.


With my research, I believe you now know what car connections are, and their primary functions. You can also repair yours properly using the de-pin technique in case it fails to function.

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