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Car Dash Cable Management: Solutions, Benefits, and More!

Your car’s dashboard must be clear of clutter to give you a clear view of the road ahead. Therefore, you must implement car dash cable management solutions after installing components like dashcams to keep the area organized.

In this article, we’ll look at the importance of managing these dash cables and the typical solutions you can use to keep everything neat. Let’s get right into it!

Table of Contents

Types of Cables Found in Car Dashboards

The car dashboard can have the following wires depending on the installed component.

  • Power cables: All electrical devices must have these cables to bring in electricity from the power source. These wires include USB charging cables and power adapters.
  • Audio cables: The primary audio cables include AUX and Bluetooth adapter wires.
  • Data cables: Data wires on car dashboards are primarily USB cables for smartphone or mobile device connectivity. Diagnostic cables (OBD-II) also fall in this category.

A dash cam mounted on the windshield (note the power/data cable)

Typical Car-Dash Cable Management Solutions

  • Adhesive cable clips or holders
Adhesive cable clips

Adhesive cable clips

  • Velcro straps
  • Sleeves
  • Cable ties

Cable ties

  • Deep cable routing channels
  • Cable organizers
  • Wireless charging pads
  • Custom Cable Trays

Tools Needed for Car Dash Cable Management

Besides the cable management solutions listed above, you’ll need the following tools to declutter your vehicle’s dashboard.

Trim Removal Tools

Car interiors contain multiple plastic panels, especially on the dashboard area. Trim removal tools enable you to unhook these panels from the vehicle without damaging the hooks or scratching the surfaces.

A plastic trim removal tool

A plastic trim removal tool

They include pry tools, which can be plastic or metallic, for separation. Clip removal tools also fall in this category, and they can have flat or forked ends that slide behind the clip’s head.

Other tools include upholstery removers for tucking fabric edges (or undoing upholstery clips) and trim clip pliers.

Wire Covers

Wire covers are protective accessories that hide the wires to prevent wear or abrasion damage. If the cable management solution lacks a wire concealment mechanism, you can use this tool to secure the cables.

Benefits of Car Dash Cable Management

Proper wire management is necessary on car dashboards for these reasons.


Improperly managed car dash cables can create blindspots or distractions when driving. The situation is worse if the cables hang loosely from the top.

Think of dash cam cables hanging from the device when installed near the rearview mirror. Such wires are hazardous because they can lead to accidents.

A dashcam recording at night

A dashcam recording at night


Having wires all over your dashboard, with some hanging from the top, makes your interior look messy. Organizing the cables makes the vehicle look more visually appealing.


Cables experience more wear and tear when exposed due to abrasion, meaning their insulations can break or fray. But covering or even tying them to prevent constant movements when driving reduces friction, resulting in a long lifespan.

Damage Prevention

Exposed wires can get caught up in doors, windows, or even your hands (when turning the steering wheel).

These moving parts can snap or damage the wire. They can also damage the component mounted on the dashboard, but you can prevent these mishaps by securing the cables.

Other benefits include the following.

  • Zero or minimal interference with the steering wheel, AC, airbags, and other car systems
  • Reduced chances of theft due to the concealed design
  • Warranty maintenance
A clean car dashboard

A clean car dashboard

Vehicle-Specific Tips or Instructions for Hiding Dash Cables

Wire hiding can vary depending on the vehicle, and here are some tips to help you out.

Trucks and SUVs

You can conceal the wires in the headliner or roof lining in most trucks and SUVs, then down via the A-pillar to the dash.

But if the device mounts on the dash, channel the wires inside via the slots near the A-pillars or windscreen. And be careful not to damage or obstruct the airbags and other electrical systems.


Dash cable management in sedans is similar to the recommendations given for SUVs and trucks. You can place them behind the roof lining, A-pillar, headliner, or cabin trim panels.

Vintage/Classic Cars

Classic and vintage cars are from a past era, meaning their structures are different. In most cases, you cannot use their A-pillars, roof lining, or headliner to channel the wires.

A vintage car dashboard

A vintage car dashboard

But these vehicles usually have concealed conduits to channel the wires. Alternatively, you can pass the cables under the carpet’s edges.

Wrap Up

Installing accessories on your dashboard might be a necessary upgrade, but you must take care of the wiring. This article should help you make the installation neat. 

We have all kinds of wire harnesses and cable management solutions for vehicles and other electronics. Contact us to get custom services at reasonable prices. 

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Contact me now and let’s get started on building your wire harnesses!

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