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Installing a battery switch

Battery Cable Disconnect Switch – How to Wire It Correctly

Are you looking for an affordable and quick way to enhance your battery life and protect it from theft? Then, I think you should try using a battery cable disconnect switch. For those who do not know, this switch disconnects your battery when you store your car. It protects your…

Junction box connectors

Auto Junction Block – How to Remove and Replace It

If you’re a car DIY enthusiast like me, you might want to know the workings of your auto junction block.  After all, it’s the one that distributes power to various systems in your car, thus ensuring functionality, reliability, and safety.  While this device is an able connection hub it may…

Several cable ties are holding a braided wire harness.

Wire Harness Clips: What are They?

What are wire harness clips, and what are their applications in auto wiring? We will guide you through the different types of wire harness clips to help you choose the best one for your car.  What Are Wire Harness Clips? They are adjustable, insulated, plastic/metallic clamps useful for securing auto…

0.A man inserting car headlights to replace a broken bulb

Headlight Connector Plug – Types, Installation, and Diagnosing Tips

About Headlight Connector Plug: Car headlights are electrical components that most car owners are often unfamiliar with until they become faulty. As a last resort, they can choose to replace the corroded/damaged connector or fix it. And that’s where we come in.  Safely fixing a broken connector is easy but…

Military Cable

Military Cable Harness: Everything You Need To Know

In certain applications, standard cables are not enough. Sometimes, you need something better protection and stronger, like a military cable harness. The article below will discuss everything there is to know about military cable assemblies. What are Military Cable Assemblies? Military wire harnesses and cable assemblies are designed, fabricated, and…

Back of the speedometer wiring

Speedometer Wire – How to Replace Plus Maintenance Tips

While you need a speed gauge to measure your car’s speed, you may overlook that it needs a speedometer wire to function. This cable connects your car transmission to the speedometer, helping you know your car’s speeds. Here, we discuss the speedometer wire, its types, and how you can replace…

A Car Battery

Car Electrical Components: All you need to know

Every car electrical components that power everything in the vehicle. The two main electrical energy sources are usually the battery and alternator. Each electrical item in a car has a specific function and use. Therefore, knowing every electrical component in your car is important as a car owner. In today’s…

Abou Custom Wire Harness for Cars, You may not know much about car wiring harnesses, but they are the parts that connect your car's electronics.

Custom Wire Harness for Cars – Everything You Need to Know

About Custom Wire Harness for Cars: You may not know much about car wiring harnesses, but they are the parts that connect your car’s electronics.  They communicate between your car systems, thus ensuring seamless and safe performance.  As you may know, many readymade harnesses exist, but I recommend a custom…

About Cable drawings, Cable assemblies are an integral component for making connections to transfer power and signals.

Cable drawings: Why they are so important for cable assemblies

About Cable drawings, Cable assemblies are an integral component for making connections to transfer power and signals. Thus, the designing process of cable assemblies starts with understanding its connectivity options via schematics. Visualizing the cable, components, routing, connections and data flows helps engineers create an efficient cabling system. This article…

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