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Wires in a control panel with printed labels

Car Wire Harness Labels: Types and Importance of These Tags

We’ll look at the types, importance, and information you can include in car wire harness labels to make them effective. Electrical wires usually have a color-coding format that enables you to identify the function of the cable.  However, this format might be inadequate for complex wiring systems. Therefore, you need…

Disconnecting Brake Light

Brake Light Socket: Should It Be Blamed For The Brake Light Failure

About the Brake Light Socket, If you fail to check that your brake lights are fully operational, you might be driving around with faulty brake lights.  Sometimes, it could be that your lights are always on or they function unreliably. Despite the problem, driving a car with faulty brake lights…

Automobile brake light

How to Wire a Brake Light Switch?

How to wire a brake light switch?  Do you check your brake light regularly? Any dysfunction in the brake lights can be dangerous for you and the people driving around you. Before you run directly to a professional, you may want to investigate the problem yourself.  Sometimes, it may be…

Jumper Cables

Can You Jump Start A Car Using The Wire For The Trailer Harness

Car troubles are always inconvenient, especially when rushing to get somewhere. A common problem drivers face daily is their battery dying or running out of power.  However, lucky for you, the simple solution to fixing a dead battery is jump-starting it.  All you need is jumper cables and an auxiliary…

The cross-section of a vehicle’s automatic transmission system

Auto Transmission Wire Harness: How It Works and Failure Causes/Symptoms

The auto transmission wire harness is a critical component of a vehicle’s transmission system. A vehicle’s transmission system sits between the engine and wheels to transmit the optimal torque and horsepower to suit the current driving conditions. Modern vehicles with sophisticated electricals monitor the performance and condition of their gearbox…

Jumper Cables

What Two Wires Start A Car?

What Two Wires Start A Car? Your battery dying could be caused by several things, such as leaving the lights on for prolonged periods, cold weather, or simply your battery aging.  Regardless of the cause, a simple jump-start is all you need to resolve the issue.  However, to jump-start your…

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