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A custom control cable for the accelerator

Custom Control Cable: Definition, Types, and Design Considerations

Let’s analyze the design considerations for making custom control cable below before you order them for your project. Cars, machines, and most machines have all their controls near the driver in the cabin or cockpit.  Some control mechanisms transfer signals to the end devices electrically directly or via relays, but…

Each tool must go through tooling design before manufacturing to meet the required standards.

Tooling Design: Process, Benefits, and Importance

Each tool must go through tooling design before manufacturing to meet the required standards.  Complex devices require even more design work than less sophisticated ones because of the amount of detail. Therefore, tooling design is critical before manufacturing, as we’ll analyze the process to explain its importance and benefits. Read…

Black auto wire harness tape

Auto Wire Harness Tape: An Essential Component to Secure Auto Wiring Harnesses

Wiring harnesses come with coverings or auto wire harness tape, which securely bundle and protect them from high temperatures and harsh weather conditions.  However, every harness needs different types of coverings having different properties and characteristics.  Today, we are going to have a clear picture of the auto wire harness…

A gas-pedal assembly replacement part

Kickdown Switch: Function and Operating Mechanism

About Kickdown Switch: If you’ve driven a vehicle with an automatic transmission, you must have experienced downshifting when you press the gas pedal hard on the floor.  This downshifting is a result of a kick-down switch. You can manually downshift vehicles with manual-mode transmissions or paddle shifters, but conventional automatics…

Turn Signal Wiring

Turn Signal Toggle Switch: How Does It Work On The Auto Wiring Harness?

About Turn Signal Toggle Switch: Most people take the turn signal for granted, forgetting the significant safety advantage they offer.  Turn signal circuits are a simplified form of electrical engineering. However, the wiring is often confusing for most people.  Read the article below to better understand the turn signal toggle…

Tool Used to Measure Wire Size

What Gauge Are Car Wire Harnesses?

What Gauge Are Car Wire Harnesses? If you own a car, you’re probably aware that there are a number of wires used in the car’s wiring harnesses.  These include the primary wire, battery wire, automotive speaker wire, and brake wire. These automotive wires, each designed for specific purposes, make the…

Top 10 Automotive Wire Harness Engineering Books

Top 10 Automotive Wire Harness Engineering Books

Automotive wire harness engineering books come in handy for anyone who’d like to dive deeper into this field.  Why? Books contain a lot of timeless knowledge that never ceases to be helpful despite the everchanging auto technology.  The basics of automotive wire harnesses will always remain the same. Hence, to…

Automobile rocker switch

Automobile Rocker Switch: How Does it Work on Your Auto Wiring Harness

Do you know how your vehicle’s windows move up and down? It’s because of the automobile rocker switch harness, which connects with motors to allow the movement of window panes.  This article will teach us how the rocker switch wiring harness works on automobile electric systems.  Automobile rocker switch understanding: …

Wire harnesses on a routing plate for one option of vehicle type

Automotive Wire Harness Routing: Routing Aspects

Automotive wire harness routing involves determining how the wires in a vehicle will physically run from the power source to the components via modules. Cars have complex wiring systems comprising multiple interconnected electrical parts.  Proper routing ensures the system remains safe, efficient, and reliable throughout the vehicle’s lifespan. Let’s break…

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