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Wire harness in a car

What does the wire harness do in a car?

We all use machines, such as automotive, in our everyday lives. Further, the importance of wiring harnesses can be seen in all electronics and automobile industries. And you may wonder: what does the wire harness do in a car? Let’s dive in! What is a wiring harness in a car?…

A pickup truck rear.

Power Tailgate: Is It Different from a Hands-Free Liftgate?

A power tailgate is one of the components that ensures your car delivers exquisite convenience during shopping.  Think of a scenario when you have collected all the items you need from your local store, and you’re carrying stuff in both hands.  How do you open the boot to put the…

Automotive wire harness circuit

How many circuits do I need in an automotive wire harness?

Finding an ideal auto wiring harness for your vehicle is essential for successful restoration. However, knowing and considering the number of required circuits is crucial to having a successful and seamless wiring harness. We have compiled this article to answer the question: “How many circuits do I need in an…

Battery cables

Battery cable 6 gauge: Is it enough for a battery-to-starter connection?

About Battery cable 6 gauge, An automotive wiring harness has many electrical connections; however, one of the most important is the battery-to-starter wiring. Whether replacing old wiring or upgrading your starter to power-upgraded components, you need battery cables with the correct gauge. Vehicles use different gauge cables for battery connection…

RF Cable

Custom RF Cable Assemblies: The Ultimate Guide To RF Cable Assembly

To accommodate special applications, there’s a need for specially designed custom RF cable assemblies. However, the question still remains: what factors should you consider when designing a custom RF cable? What Are Custom RF Cable Assemblies? An alternating current generates Radio Frequency (RF) waves while moving through a conductive material,…

Amp Circuit Breaker

Amp Circuit Breaker: How To Determine Your Home’s Electrical Load

Let’s look at the amp circuit breaker ratings in this article. While you can use fuses to protect electrical circuits and devices in your home, you must replace them once they burn. Circuit breakers are better options because you can reset them after tripping. This mechanism saves you the cost…

HDMI Cable

Custom HDMI Cable: The Ultimate Guide to HDMI Cable Assembly

Today, custom HDMI cables have become a significant part of modern home theater systems. With the right HDMI cable cable, you can enjoy movies and TV shows on your television at the best resolution. Also, the right HDMI cable will enable you to enjoy the best graphics and smooth gameplay…

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