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Illustration of Plenum Cabling

Define Plenum Cable: Everything You Need To Know

Whether you’re a DIY homeowner or a professional cable installer, it’s important to know when to use non-plenum or plenum-rated cables. The right cable will ensure your residential or commercial is safe and up to code. The article below will define plenum cable and where you can use them. How…

Data Center

Electromagnetic Interference in Cables: The Ultimate Guide

About Electromagnetic Interference in Cables: Installations like data centers, offices, and factory floors are normally electrically noisy environments. Electrical noise, either conducted or radiated as electromagnetic interference, could significantly disrupt the operation of equipment nearby. Although the cable jacket and insulation protect the cable from abrasions, scrapes, moisture, and chemicals,…


Auto Backup Light – How to Test and Replace It

About Auto Backup Light: When reversing your car, you can catch other road users unaware, which might cause costly accidents. To avoid this, you need an auto backup light, also known as a reverse light, to alert other road users. When this light goes out, I advise you to replace…

Using the car accessory system to charge a phone.

Accessory Wire: Why it is so Important in your Car

The automotive accessory wire is one of the most critical components in your car. So, what does it do in a vehicle? There are many applications, and we’ll reveal them all in detail below.  What is Accessory Wire As its name suggests, this wire provides current to the car’s accessories.…

Removing a car battery

Battery Relocation Wire – A Comprehensive Guide

About Battery Relocation Wire:I know you know the battery is a vital component of your car as it powers all other systems. As you may know, when you first receive your new car, the battery is in the hood for power distribution convenience.  However, you may need to relocate your…

Many coaxial radio frequency cables for measurements

Phase-matched cables: Everything you need to know about

About Phase-matched cables: Many times, you need several cables together to connect a system. For instance, in an Electronically Steerable Antenna, the antenna has multiple sections. You need different cables to connect each section to the system or the control. However, while using cables for these sections, it is essential…

Thermocouple devices

Thermo Wire – All You Need to Know

About Thermo Wire: While you may not know, gadgets that monitor your vehicle components’ temperature play a key role in their optimal functionality.  For instance, monitoring the brake disc temperature ensures optimal braking, while that of the engine parts ensures optimized combustion and power.  Although there may be several devices…

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