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Car booster cables

Car Booster Cable: Definition and Connection Steps

If your car has a damaged battery, the solution is to replace it. But if you drain the battery, it will be low on charge but not damaged. A car booster cable can help you start the car to recharge the battery.  Let’s look at the characteristics of these booster…

A mobile phone charging while plugged into a dashboard console

Car Dash Cable Management: Solutions, Benefits, and More!

Your car’s dashboard must be clear of clutter to give you a clear view of the road ahead. Therefore, you must implement car dash cable management solutions after installing components like dashcams to keep the area organized. In this article, we’ll look at the importance of managing these dash cables…

A car battery extension cable with crocodile clips

Car Battery Extension Cable: How To Pick and Wire This Power Cable

The car battery extension cable is a specialized battery terminal extender. These copper power cables extend the battery posts to reach external devices like inverters that require a 12V power source. The extension cables can also bring in power from battery chargers to run your vehicle’s starter motor to crank…

Low Beam Headlights

Low Beam Relay: Should It Be Blamed For Malfunction Low-Beam Headlights

About Low Beam Relay, It’s safe to assume that nobody wants to drive around at night with bad headlights or headlights that don’t completely function.  Often your high-beam headlights will still function even if your normal headlights don’t.  However, driving around at night with only your high-beam headlights is unsafe…

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