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Car Ignition System.

Transistorized Ignition: Why A Transistorized Ignition is Better?

Welcome to our transistorized ignition guide. You are probably asking yourself who needs a transistorized ignition when we can use breaker points.  Well, we’ve got the answers below. This guide will cover the upsides of this type of system and elaborate on its working principle.  And before we come to…

Two toggle switches in on and off positions

Switches vs. Relays: A Comparison Between Manual and Electronic Switches

Let’s dive deep into the switches vs. relays comparison to see how these two devices operate and differ. Switching is critical in electronic circuits, and switches and relays are the primary components that provide this function.  Both are electromechanical devices, but switches require manual or mechanical operation to open or…

What Are The Terminals on an Alternator

What Are The Terminals on an Alternator: Parts of an Alternator

Learn what are the terminals on an alternator to understand the principle behind the self-charging property of your car battery.  There are fewer nagging issues than a car battery that keeps running out whenever you want to start your car.  But did you know that sometimes the battery is never…

Damaged car wiring harness

How To Fix Wiring Harness: Steps and Things To Consider

We will look at how to fix wiring harnesses in this article. Wiring harness components like connectors and wires can melt, burn out, become brittle, or wear naturally over time.  This situation requires immediate fixing because it can make sensors or other parts misbehave if the exposed copper wire arcs…

A torque converter cross-section with a clutch plate inside

What Is Torque Converter Lockup: A 1:1 Engine to Gear Drive Ratio Lock

What is torque converter lockup? Torque converters are critical in automatic transmissions because they provide the engine-to-transmission link.  The fluid-filled, doughnut-shaped device provides hydraulic coupling between the engine crankshaft and gearbox, enabling them to rotate at different speeds.  This fluid coupling eliminates the need for a gear pedal and makes…

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