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Injection Molding Machine

Cable Molding: The Ultimate Guide

Once you have the right cable and the connectors, you must protect the junctions from liquid ingress. Heat-shrink tubing offers moderate protection from moisture ingress, while overmolding is a better solution. The article below will discuss all there is to know about cable molding and its various benefits. What is…


T-Shaped Electrical Connector: Why You Need this Connector

Welcome to this T-shaped electrical connector guide to learn more about this vital auto component. Have you ever wondered if there is a way to connect cables without cutting/stripping the insulator?  Look no further than the T-shaped electrical connector. We’ll explain its features and how to include it in your…

Crimping tool for wires

Cable Crimp Tool — A Guide to Selection, Proper Use, and Working Principle

About Cable Crimp Tool, Crimping tools have undoubtedly revolutionized work in many industries, be it automotive, telecommunications, or electronics. They come in different designs, often meant for distinct applications. For instance, wire crimping tools attach electrical wires to connectors, while the modular plugs type connects the plug to TV cables. …

Wire being processed to connect to a machine.

Cable design: Top 5 things to consider

About Cable design, Cable assemblies are an integral part of every industry, and innumerable options cater to each one. Despite the numerous options, finding one that can serve all your needs is challenging.  So, if you want a cable that meets all your needs, the best thing is to get…

Crimp eyelets

Eyelet Electrical Connector: Types of Lug Connectors for Auto Works

Eyelet electrical Connector is a centerpiece in wire connections, especially when precision is necessary. They help merge wires tidily, facilitating combinations and joints that would be impossible in their absence.   In today’s guide, we’ll evaluate these connectors and specifically list down the different types in the market. Also, learn how…

Large wide cable with wires and connectors.

Replacement Wiring Harness: Quick Steps to Repair a Broken Wire

Here is a replacement wiring harness guide to help you fix your car’s electricals.  Once in a while, your car’s electrical system may glitch, resulting in the wiring harness melting. Although this issue may seem trivial, it can become a massive problem if left unaddressed. That is why today we…


Coax Cable Assemblies: Everything You Need To Know

If you own cable TV, have you ever wondered what cable you use to connect your TV to your cable box and how exactly it works? The article below will discuss how coax cable assemblies work and how they are designed. What is a Coax Cable? Coaxial cables are designed…


Chassis Wiring Harness – Everything You Need to Know

About Chassis Wiring Harness: Your car chassis is very important because it supports your machine weight, providing strength and rigidity.  It is the main part of your car that determines your vehicle’s performance, safety, and handling characteristics.  However, for your chassis to function effectively, it comes with a wiring harness…

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