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What is ACC power in car? Generally, the acc car electrics involve all electrical systems we use in some cars to power accessories like the lights,

What Is ACC Power in Car: The Ultimate Guide

What is ACC power in the car? Generally, the acc car electrics involve all electrical systems we use in some cars to power accessories like the lights, windshield wipers, and radio. The system comprises a voltage regulator, an alternator, and a battery. Surprisingly, the feature activates some car components without…

a fuel gauge

Chevy Fuel Gauge Not Working: What are the Causes?

A Chevrolet truck is very durable and dependable, but one of its major common problems is a Chevy fuel gauge not working. Despite being very reliable vehicles, Chevy trucks occasionally have other notable problems related to the fuel gauge. In this article, we’ll discuss the fuel gauge on a Chevy…

Auto Bulb Sockets: What Are The Different Types?

Auto Bulb Sockets: What Are The Different Types?

Auto bulb sockets are instrumental to your car’s lighting system. They hold the bulbs that illuminate your vehicle, so it’s impossible to get light without them. Since bulbs are of different types, auto bulb sockets come in varying sizes and designs. They also differ in terms of material. For these…

Automobile wiring loom

What Is Wire Loom: Is It the Same as a Wire Harness?

What is a wire loom? It’s natural to ask such a question since wires are an inherent part of any vehicle. Vehicles cannot do without wires. Today’s average car contains more than five thousand feet of wiring, which is a lot. Properly managing these wires is critical; otherwise, it’ll be…

a car starter

Car Cranking: What Are The Causes?

For any driver, a car cranking when you’re about to start driving is one of the worst mechanical problems you can encounter. Even so, such problems are usually untimely, and no one prepares for them. And that is especially frustrating when you hurry to get somewhere.  But worry not. In…

A car gauge cluster

What Would Cause My Gauges to Stop Working: How Do I Fix It?

If you have been asking yourself, ‘what would cause my gauges to stop working?’ you have come to the right place.  A gauge cluster encompasses several gauges fixed in the instrument panel of vehicles to monitor oil press, voltage, fuel level, and temperature. Some examples include a truck tachometer and…

Car Alternator

Car Alternator Light: What It Indicates And Possible Solutions

About Car Alternator Light, your car’s dashboard has many indicator lights and symbols. Each has importance in the car and indicates a specific component’s correct functioning or malfunction. However, one of the most important ones is the car alternator light. When the red car alternator LED light flashes, it often…

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