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China Auto Wire Harness Manufacturer: How to Pick a Reliable Supplier for Your Business

About China auto wire harness manufacturer, Do you also deal in wire harnesses and cable assemblies? If yes, you must contact a wire harness manufacturer for good deals.

 Most giant manufacturers outsource their cable manufacturing to some offshore services, and the most preferred ones are Chinese manufacturers.

Why do people prefer China-based manufacturers, and how can you outsource your cable manufacturing to Chinese manufacturers? Let us know in detail.

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Why Should You Choose a China Auto Wire Harness Manufacturer?

Here are some of the reasons:

Wide options

China has become a hub for global electronic manufacturing as most EMS have set up their production centers in China. 

As a result, China has become a major center for wiring harnesses and cable assemblies manufacturing. 

Due to the high availability of wire harness manufacturers in China, there is tough competition among companies. 

You can easily find one interested in fair negotiations in the contract.

The wide availability of China auto wire harness connectors and components:

Also, as China is a huge consumer of electronic products, the imports of connector products have grown (around 1.62 billion dollars last year).

 Looking at the high potential in the Chinese mainland, cable connector and component manufacturers have also established their base here.

 The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology reveals that China has 600+ cable components and connector manufacturers.

Sourcing cheap raw materials:

A wire harness maker in China can quickly get low-cost raw materials from nearby sources. 

When they get raw materials at discounted prices, they can source them in high quantities. 

The bulk raw materials help them to produce harnesses in huge volumes at a significantly lower cost. These discounted prices finally reflect in the final price of the harness, ultimately benefiting the customers.

Quick deliveries:

In a race to create a solid customer base, China companies try hard to deliver high-quality products in the promised turnaround times.


China manufacturers have been in this business for years and have expertise in their field.

Worker packing wiring harnesses

Worker packing wiring harnesses

How to choose a a China auto wire harness manufacturer?

In China, there are innumerable wire harness manufacturers, so you have many options. 

However, at the same time, choosing a reliable one from so many makes the task difficult. 

Here is a guide that helps you select a trustworthy wiring harness supplier in China.

Research Online:

The search engine lists the best companies providing these services on searching for “reliable wiring harness suppliers in China.” 

You can compare the quality of products and services of top listed companies and decide which one to go for. 

Also, you can check for certifications of these companies from renowned organizations that add to their authenticity.

Visit the manufacturer’s website:

Once you have shortlisted a few cable assembly suppliers, the very first thing that you must do is visit their website. 

The supplier’s website gives you an idea about their products and services. 

The suppliers must have a professional website with high-quality images of their products, operations, and services. 

You can also find descriptions of the products and information related to their services.

Contact the supplier and ask questions:

Here is a list of questions you can ask your potential wire harness manufacturer.

How much time do they take for delivery?

The time taken to manufacture a product fully may vary from one manufacturer to another. 

Further, if you are asking for custom cable products, they need to meet RoHS compliance. 

A reliable supplier will have enough labor, equipment, and capabilities to deliver products on time without compromising quality. 

Before placing an order, always ask about their turnaround time. See if their production process period is fast enough to meet your business demands.

Do they have any certifications?

A supplier must have all the required certifications to do the business.

 Doing business with a certified supplier ensures that your products meet all the latest industry standards. 

Common certifications that a cable assembly supplier must have include:

RoHS compliance


ISO/TS 16949

Can they provide custom wiring harnesses?

Custom wiring harnesses are in high demand these days. Check whether your potential supplier also provides customized products.

 If YES, the products must be UL-approved and RoHS-compliant, as these certifications prove that the products are safe. 

Also, don’t forget to discuss the production capabilities and capacity of the supplier. 

Can you see some samples before finalizing an order?

Before finalizing a cable assembly supplier, it is a good idea to ask for some product samples. 

If the supplier is professional and reliable, he will gladly show you his product samples. 

The samples also give you an idea about the manufacturing capabilities of the supplier. 

If they deny the samples, the product quality is undoubtedly doubtful.

What is the process of cable assembly manufacturing?

It is very important to know the cable assembly process of a supplier as it gives you an idea about their production facility. 

Also, it clarifies if their manufacturing process meets international standards.

Ensure that the suppliers use high-quality materials for cable assembling as they will ensure the long life of the products.

 Ask questions regarding their quality control and testing procedures. A supplier must have a clearly defined cable assembly process. 

If he does not have one, you must think twice before deciding because, in such cases, the product quality gets compromised.

What is their after-sales service and warranty policy?

Don’t fall into the trap of cheap cable products, as they often have short warranty periods. 

Before purchasing, determine the warranty policy of the concerned supplier. 

If the supplier is confident about the quality of his products, he may offer you an extended warranty for up to five years. 

A long warranty period helps you build trust for the suppliers’ products.

Don’t forget to discuss the return policy for defective and damaged products. 

Often, good and reliable suppliers don’t ask any questions during returns and make full refunds or replacements of defective and damaged products.

The answers to these questions from the supplier will give a detailed picture of the supplier and their working policy.

 If they fail to answer these questions, they are unprofessional and lack knowledge about their services and products.

Explain your needs:

A supplier who can fulfill your requirements would be the best choice. 

For example, if you want RoHS compliance in the products, specify this to the manufacturer.

 If you need UL-approved assemblies and harnesses, communicate the same.

Ask for recommendations:

Good suppliers will recommend options based on their experience. They can tell you good and bad about a particular supplier. 

You can also ask some engineers in your circle about the different types of connectors for wiring harnesses. 

With suggestions from your contacts, you can get an idea of whether a supplier can cater to your specific needs.

Enquire a supplier’s QC (Quality Control) measures:

Having stringent quality control measures enhances the credibility of the cable assembly supplier.

 It ensures that products and the manufacturing process meet high industry standards.

 You must ask questions to the supplier whether their employees are trained for the specific tasks and if they follow proper production procedures.

Also, ask about their testing equipment, as it is an essential part of quality control checks during manufacturing.

Analyze the manufacturer’s communication style:

The prompt reply to your queries reflects their professionalism. Their answers should be clear and concise.

Hesitation and delay while replying to queries indicate their unprofessional and careless behavior. Keep yourself away from such suppliers.

Ask for a quick quote.

Now, it’s time to ask for a quick quote from the potential suppliers. 

Getting quotes from different suppliers will give you an idea of the total costs and help you decide which supplier will fall under your budget.

Remember, while finalizing the supplier, do not focus on price only. 

If a supplier charges a little higher but promises high-quality products with timely delivery, it won’t be a bad deal.

Checking the wiring system on a control desk

Checking the wiring system on a control desk


In China, there is very tough competition among cable assembly suppliers. These suppliers may apply all tips and tricks to lure customers. 

However, if you know your requirements well and follow the above guide, you can meet a professional and reliable supplier like Cloom.

We are a China-based cable assembly and wire harness manufacturer with a solid customer base all across the globe. 

Feel free to discuss your requirements, and we promise to deliver you the best possible solutions.

I am Lillian Yang, having been a sales manager for over 10 years.

I have received many positive reviews from customers. They have praised our excellent service, on-time delivery, and high-quality cable assemblies.

For your projects, please provide cable assembly files/images/smples, etc., so that I can send you a quotation within 24 hours.

Contact me now and let’s get started on building your wire harnesses!

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