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Custom HDMI Cable: The Ultimate Guide to HDMI Cable Assembly

Today, custom HDMI cables have become a significant part of modern home theater systems. With the right HDMI cable cable, you can enjoy movies and TV shows on your television at the best resolution.

Also, the right HDMI cable will enable you to enjoy the best graphics and smooth gameplay while playing games on your console. 

However, there are some scenarios that require custom HDMI cables that are specially designed to better serve your intended application. 

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What are HDMI Cable Assemblies?

Structurally, an HDMI cable appears simple, made of connectors and cables.

Although different manufacturers use various procedures to construct HDMI cables, there’s a standard procedure they follow.

  1. First, they cut and strip the cable with the assistance of an automatic wire-cutting and stripping machine.
  2. Then, they trim the aluminum foil using a vertical aluminum trimming machine.
  3. Next, they position the inner wire on a plastic wire holder. For this step, most manufacturers use an angle-type traverse machine.
  4. Now, using a stripping machine, they strip the inner wire.
  5. Then, the wire is tinned.
  6. Next, the wire is assembled with the connector.
  7. Lastly, they mold the connector to keep it in position.
Wire Cutting and Stripping Machine

Caption: Wire Cutting and Stripping Machine

Custom HDMI Cable Assemblies Considerations

Below are some of the considerations for custom HDMI cable assemblies.

HDMI Cable Types

From a technical point of view, there’s no such thing as an HDMI cable version. HDMI cables don’t have ICs or controllers with drivers or software that you can update. Simply put, an HDMI cable is just wires that convey signals from port to port.

However, the quality of the wires determines the type in terms of performance standards. Therefore, there’s no such thing as an HDMI 2.1 cord or HDMI 2. 0 cable.

There’s an ultra-high-speed rated cable that can support HDMI 2.1 specs and a premium high-speed rated cable that can support HDMI 2.0 specs.

Various HDMI cables have different performance standards, so some cables can’t carry the high data rates generated by HDMI 2.1 and HDMI 2.0 ports.

Below is a table showing different types of cables according to their performance standards.

Type of CableHDMI VersionBandwidthRefresh Rate ResolutionUse
Ultra High Speed 2.148 Gbps120 Hz or 240 Hz10K or 8KLeverage all HDR TV features and play games with over 30 fps
Premium High Speed2.0 a and b18 Gbps60 Hz4KUse design software and play games with up to 30 fps
High Speed1.3 to 1.4a10 Gbps30 Hz4K or 1080pEnjoy 3D graphics and deep color
Standard 1.0 to 1.2a 5 Gbps30 Hz720p or 1080pWatch Blu-ray DVDs, media streamers, and standard HDTV

HDMI Connector Types

Below are the various HDMI connector types.

Regular Size (Type A)

HDMI connectors with regular size are mainly used on source devices, including computers, video projectors, game consoles, home theater receivers, satellite/cable boxes, media streamers, and Ultra HD/Blu-ray/DVD players. 

Mini Size (Type C)

A mini-size connector is mainly used on standard-size tablets and DSLR cameras.

Micro Size (Type D)

Micro-size HDMI connectors are used on smaller tablets, digital cameras, and smartphones.

Automotive (Type E)

This is a special connector for automotive applications.

Cable Length

Theoretically speaking,  there’s no maximum length an HDMI cable can be. It all depends on the resolution you want and the construction of your cable.

The longer your HDMI cable, the more signal loss occurs due to attenuation, which requires a ticker AWG rating.

The thicker the gauge, the more equipped an HDMI cable is to transmit high-resolution signals over longer distances.

It’s rare to get HDMI cables that are longer than 25 feet at stores. Even if you check online, finding an HDMI cable longer than 50 feet will be difficult.

If your set-top box, AV equipment, and TV are all on the same furniture set, you’ll probably not need an HDMI cable longer than 6 feet.

HDMI Cable Connected to TV

Caption: HDMI Cable Connected to TV

Custom HDMI Cable Assembly Solutions at Cloom

Cloom creates custom HDMI cable assemblies to provide various choices for surveillance, security, IT, communications, and automotive professionals.

We are capable of working our way up from your drawings or helping you design custom HDMI cable assemblies in:

HDMI Cables with Different HDMI-type ends

As mentioned earlier, various cable end types like standard, micro, and mini exist. Thus, you can get HDMI cables in different configurations. 

  1. Standard HDMI to Micro HDMI
  2. Standard HDMI to Mini HDMI
  3. Micro HDMI to Mini HDMI

You can use the above options to connect different devices. For example, using a standard HDMI stone, you can connect a camcorder to a PC.

HDMI Cables with Ends of Different Interfaces

You can get HDMI cables with ends conforming to other interfaces, such as:

  1. HDMI to DVI
  2. HDMI to VGA
  3. HDMI to USB Type-C
  4. HDMI to DisplayPort
  5. And much more

The above options are ideal for connecting devices with different interfaces. For instance, if you have a monitor with only a DisplayPort and your laptop has an HDMI port, you can use an HDMI to Displayport cable.

HDMI Cables with Male/Female Ends

You can get HDMI connectors with female and male connectors. Therefore, you can get the following cable options.

  1. Male-to-male cables.
  2. Female to female cables.
  3. Female to male connectors.

The male-to-male cable is the most common. You can connect various devices like Blu-Ray players to TVs, PCs, and monitors.

Often, female-to-female and female-to-male cables are used as extenders. 

Value Added Services Include:

  • Custom cable lengths
  • Incorporated specialized pinouts (threaded, right angle, and locking connections)

Gripping and Locking HDMI Connectors: Unlike DisplayPort connectors, HDMI connectors don’t latch. If your HDMI device will be subject to accidental movement and vibration, it’s best to use a screw lock connector. They have a spring mechanism that forces the blade of the male connector grip onto the receptacle, making it unlikely for the cable to pull out. 

Panel Mount HDMI Connector: A mechanical feature built into the connector’s design. It enables the connector to properly secure itself onto an external case, enclosure, or equipment panel.

Right Angle Connectors: You can get a right-angle HDMI connector in limited space in front of the HDMI socket. Such connectors are designed to point downward immediately after leaving the socket, enabling the cable and connector to sit flush on the device.

  • General purpose cabling (LSHZ) to fit specialized spaces or building regulations
  • Riser-rated (CMR)
  • Plenum-rated (CMP)
  • Custom over molds with text or a logo
  • 3600 soldering for enhanced EMI/RF shielding
  • A cable assembly with a single-ended assembly (pigtail)
  • Cloom has round high-speed HDMI cables that connect peripheral devices to HD TVs. Also, we offer flat HDMI cables that you can run through tight spaces or under your carpet.
  • Weatherproofing: HDMI connectors are protected by a molded IP68-rated custom booting/cold shrink/heat shrink.
  • Gold-plated connectors are available.
HDMI cable with Type C Cable End

Caption: HDMI cable with Type C Cable End


Now, you know that when designing custom HDMI cables, you need to consider a couple of factors, including the cable standard, the connector types, and the installation efficiency.

For all your custom HDMI cable needs, contact Cloom Tech.

Hi I am Christa, sales manager of Cloom.

I have extensive expertise and experience in wiring harnesses and I believe I can help you.

And we have a very professional technical team who can clearly understand the customer’s needs and give professional suggestions and solutions after receiving the drawings.

If you also have wiring harness needs, please send me the drawing so that we can give you our quote and start our business.

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