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Custom Power Cables: The Ultimate Guide on Power Cable Assemblies

For most industries, reliable power is of great importance. However,  you normally have limited options for standard power cables. Custom power cables help solve multiple design complications.

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What are Custom Power Cables?

Power cables, used for the transmission of electrical power,  simply refer to an assembly of multiple electrical conductors kept in an overall sheath.

You can install power cables as permanent wiring in buildings, run overhead, exposed, or buried underground.

Flexible power cords are used for mobile tools, machinery, and portable devices. Below are the two categories of them.

Power Cord Assemblies

Power cords are cables that temporarily connect appliances to the power supply using an extension cord or wall socket. 

The terms are normally used for cables utilizing a power plug to connect to a single-phase AC power source at the main line voltage. You can also use kettle lead, flex, main leads, or power cable.

Lamp cords are undergrounded, lightweight, single-insulated 2-wire cords for small loads like a floor lamp or table.

Cord sets include connectors molded to the cable on both ends, which helps prevent the chances of an exposed pin or live prong that can cause electric shock.  

Also, a cord set is usually detachable from the electrical equipment and power source. It has a flexible cord with electrical connectors on both ends, one female and the other male. The male plug is connected to the outlet or electric receptacle, and the female connector is attached to the appliance.

Extension Cable Assemblies

An extension cable is a long, flexible power cable with a plug on one end and multiple sockets on the opposite.

Extension Cable

Caption: Extension Cable

If the power outlet and plug are different, then it’s referred to as an adapter cord. 

Most extension cables are around 2 – 30 feet long, while some are made up to 300 feet long.

Extension cables are available in various service duties, colors, thicknesses, and lengths. 

A general rule applied is that the more power an appliance requires, the thicker the extension cable.

Extension cables intended for use in wet areas, for outdoor purposes, for prolonged periods exposed to sunlight, or around oils should be chosen for specific conditions. 

Reels are extension leads that roll up to the socket end and often have more than one socket. Another type of reel hangs close to the plug end, permitting one to draw out the cable by holding the socket end.

Extension Reel

Caption: Extension Reel

Extension cords normally have either an ungrounded or grounded connector. However, you can force the grounded male connector into an ungrounded female power outlet, although it isn’t safe.

Different Standards of Flexible Power Cables

Although different countries have different power cable standards and types, the IEC 60320 is an internationally recognized standard around the globe.

International Standards IEC 60320

The IEC 60320 standard specifies power cable appliances up to 250 V. 

The ‘C’ stands for the code standard for connectors set by IEC 60320. Different connector types are recognized for various temperature, current, and voltage combinations. 

Appliance Inlet (Male)Connector (Female)Earth ContactInternationalN. AmericaMax Pin Temperature (0C)
Max Current (A)Voltage (V)Max Current (A)Voltage (V)

Among the types of connectors, C19, C15, and C13 are commonly utilized in data centers. The table below provides more information.

Connector TypeMax Current/VoltageMax Pin Temp (0C)Common Application
C1916A/250V70Used in devices that need higher current than C15 and C13 connectors can provide. Applications include rack-mounted PDUs, chassis switches, and enterprise-class servers.
C1510A/250V120Mainly used in high-temperature settings like electric kettles, PoE switches, and computer networking closets that need high-wattage power supplies.
C1310A/250V70Commonly used for inlets in computers and devices that you can attach to your computer.

North American: NEMA 5-15P (Type B)

The NEMA standard is used by most of North America and a few other countries. 

In NEMA, the 5-15P is the popular choice for sockets. There are 3 wire circuits (ground, hot, and neutral) rated 15A and 250V. However, they normally carry 110V.

The NEMA 5-15P – NEMA 5-15R power cable is the most popular type. NEMA 5-15R refers to the receptacle, while NEMA 5-15P refers to the plug.

Other commonly used power cable types that use NEMA 5-15P include NEMA 5-15P – C15 and NEMA 5-15P – C13.

Europe: CEE 7/7 (Type E, Type F)

The CEE 7/7 is the go-to plug standard option for most European countries and a few countries that adhere to the CENELEC standard. 

The only European countries that don’t use this standard are Switzerland (SEV 1011), Denmark (AFSNIT 107-2-D1), Italy (CEI 23-50), Ireland, Cyprus (BS 1363), Malta (BS 1363), and Gibletar (BS 1363). 

The most common power cables that use CEE 7/7 plug are CEE 7/7 – CEE 13, CEE 7/7 – CEE 15, and CEE 7/7 – CEE 19.

Other Standards: JIS C 8303, AS/NZS 3112, etc.

Other countries also have their standards. However, each of them could begin using the IEC 60320 connector standard.

CountryPlug Standard Plug Type
ArgentinaIRM 2073Type I, C
Australia and New ZealandAS/NZS 3112Type I
BrazilNBR 6147/NBR 14136Type N, C
ChinaGB 1002/GB 2099Type I, C, A
DenmarkAFSINT 107-2-D1Type K, F, E, C
JapanJIS C 8303Type B, A
South AfricaSANS 164/BS 546Type  N. M, F. C
South KoreaKSC 8305Type  F, C

Custom Power Cables at Cloom

At Cloom, we work according to your specifications or collaborate with your team to create the best design. These custom power cables suit domestic NEMA configurations and OEM or commercial applications.

What Information Do We Need?

To come up with the best solution for you, Cloom requires you to provide the following information.

Female (Connector) and Male (Plug) Configuration:

We must find the configurations for your connector and plug to ensure you get the right adapter or cord. Cloom manufactures power cable assemblies using heavy-duty rectangular connectors, CAMLOK, CS, NEMA, IEC, or the connectors you want.

Male Plug

Caption: Male Plug

Length of Cable

Depending on your application, you might need a long cord, typically 75 feet or a short adapter cable, normally 2 feet.

Gauge of Cable

Gauge simply refers to the thickness of the copper wire inside the cable, which should be by the power required and cable length.

A thicker gauge means a longer cord, especially in higher amperage applications.

Below is a table to help guide you.


Wire gauge0 – 4 ft4 – 7 ft7 – 10 ft10 – 13 ft13 – 16 ft16 – 19 ft19 – 22 ft
0 – 2012  12  12  12  10  10  10  
20 – 3512  10  10  10  10  8  8  
35 – 5010  10  10  8  8  8  4 or 6  
50 – 6510  10  8  8  4 or 6  4 or 6  4  
65 – 8510  8  8  4 or 6  4  4  4  
85 – 1058  8  4 or 6  4  4  4  4  
105 – 1258  8  4 or 6  4  4  2  
125 – 1508  4 or 6  4  4  2  2  2  
150 – 2004 or 6  4  4  2  2  1  1/0  
200 – 2504  4  2  2  1/0  1  1/ 
250 – 3004  2  2  1/0  1/0  1  2/0  

Design Details

  • Create traditional right-angle or straight plugs and low-profile plugs ideal for areas with limited space.
  • Configure 900 hoods.
  • Offer heavy-duty options for high-amplitude needs.
  • Add molded connectors with/without LED indicators. 
  • Include retractable cord reels or custom power switches that simplify mobile operations.
  • Enhance your brand with a logo or custom text molded permanently onto the cable cover.


When buying a standard power cable, you normally have limited options. 

Lucky for you, Cloom can help you create custom power cables that cater to your specified amperage, size, and length requirements for international, domestic, and industrial applications.

All our products provide reliable performance in all environments, from harsh conditions faced by mining, energy, and military exploration operations to precise power specifications of technological and medical enterprises.

Also, we provide quick turnarounds on quotes, test everything, assist in designing, and more. 

Furthermore, we are highly certified and have worked with multiple connector manufacturers for years.

Hi I am Christa, sales manager of Cloom.

I have extensive expertise and experience in wiring harnesses and I believe I can help you.

And we have a very professional technical team who can clearly understand the customer’s needs and give professional suggestions and solutions after receiving the drawings.

If you also have wiring harness needs, please send me the drawing so that we can give you our quote and start our business.

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