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What are Electrical Grommets?

Electrical grommets protect your car’s cables and wires from sharp edges. In today’s guide, we examine the various cable pass-through grommets you can use. 

Also, we explain their application in detail to help you give your wiring harness and cables the utmost protection.  

What is an Electrical Grommet?

They’re rubber seals that you usually insert around the edges of an opening to protect the wire from sharp edges. Most of the time, you will hear others refer to them as automotive grommets. However, since they are rubber-made, they have names like: 

  • Automotive rubber grommets
  • Wire Sealing grommets 
  • Automotive wire grommets, rubber
  • Wire hole grommets
  • Electrical rubber groomer 
  • Electrical cable grommets

Cable Pass Through Grommets Properties

Driveshaft Grommet. 

Driveshaft Grommet. 

  • First, it’s noteworthy that they are tear-proof and don’t easily suffer abrasion since they are of thick rubber. 
  • Also, they’re fireproof, hence critical in preventing electrical fires from spreading to other parts. 
  • They guarantee electrical insulation, meaning when there’s a short circuit, they cut the current transmission. 
  • Moreover, they can withstand extreme temperatures and this is critical in facilitating smooth current flow. 
  • No weather condition can affect their functionality, making grommets highly dependable in all weather. 

Rubber Grommet Materials

As per their name, the majority of the electrical grommets you’ll encounter are rubber-made. But you should know there are different rubber types, so you should be sure what kind to use for a particular application. 

Styrene butadiene rubber (SBR)

Raw Styrene-Butadiene Rubber (SBR). 

Raw Styrene-Butadiene Rubber (SBR). 

It’s arguably the cheapest option, but don’t just write it off as ineffective because of its low price. It features excellent impact strength, though it pretty not the most ideal option in other parameters. 

For instance, regarding weathering, tear, abrasion, and chemical resistance, the other options below are better alternatives. 

Thermoplastic elastomer

It is popularly known as TPE and is usually a worthwhile option if you’re operating on a lean purse. It has great electrical resistance and can also withstand extreme flexing. In addition, you don’t need to worry about chemical corrosion with TPE as it’s resistant. 

Moreover, this rubber type will give you extensive service despite its low price. 

Thermoplastic vulcanizate

Popularly called TPV, It resembles TPE, and we recommend it when installing wires in the hood area. What we specifically like about it is that it fares excellently under intense heat, which is inevitable in the hood. 

In addition, you don’t have to worry about chemical abrasion as this material can withstand oil and gas pouring onto it. 

Ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM)

Go for EPDM if all you want is basic grommets but those that can excellently insulate your cables. No current can pass through EPDM, forming a perfect electrically insulated seal. 

Types of Electrical Grommets

A rubber grommet on a cable. 

A rubber grommet on a cable. 

Don’t just buy any grommet you encounter as there as there are different types, each suiting a unique application. 

Rubber Grommet Edging

Unlike the typical rounded grommets, these are simple rubber strips that you run along the edges. Also, most of these types are TPE. Thus they’re ideal for auto works, thanks to the properties of the material we covered earlier. 

Stepped Grommets

They are not the ideal type for auto wiring, but you can still apply them in HVAC systems. Most of the stepped grommets are EPDM and easily allow thick wire passage.  

Sealing Grommets

A simple sealing grommet. 

A simple sealing grommet. 

What’s remarkable about these EPDM grommets is their IP 67 rating, meaning they’re waterproof and dust-resistant. Hence, they’re the ideal auto grommets for your car’s exteriors. 

In addition, we recommend them in car areas with extreme vibrations as they can withstand it all. Moreover, they are oil-proof, making a good case for use within the engine hood. 

Push in Flexible Grommets – IP 66

You can’t go wrong with this type when working in tight spaces. As per its name, it’ll effectively do the job thanks to its flexibility. Moreover, when passing wires via unthreaded holes, this should be the go-to option. 

Diaphragm Grommets

Numerous grommets. 

Numerous grommets. 

These TPE grommets are popular in scenarios where you pass different-sized wires. 

Other grommet types you should consider include quick-fit silicon/TPE grommets and the standard TPV kind. 

What are Electrical Grommets used for in Cars?

  1. The grommet usually adds an extra layer of protection at a hole’s edges. This is essential in the auto industry, where tears in electrical cables can lead to significant mishaps. 
  2. However, they also make a car’s wiring setup appear more organized and attractive. 
  3. Thirdly, they’re critical in cushioning the car’s interiors from entry of dust and water. Hence, their protection goes beyond simply preventing wire tears. 

Wrap Up

You may not think grommets are important, but they are a critical circuitry part of your car. Think of how exposed your car would be to weather elements if there were no seals around it. Moreover, the cushioning of the cables and wire harnesses makes them super significant in the wiring setup. 

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