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Eyelet Electrical Connector: Types of Lug Connectors for Auto Works

Eyelet electrical Connector is a centerpiece in wire connections, especially when precision is necessary. They help merge wires tidily, facilitating combinations and joints that would be impossible in their absence.  

In today’s guide, we’ll evaluate these connectors and specifically list down the different types in the market. Also, learn how to install this connector type and their real-life applications.

What Are Eyelet Connectors?

They are cylindrical connectors useful in creating reliable connections in electrical works. They connect to a wire on one side, while the opposite side features a hole to connect a stud/bolt. It is because of this hole that they are called eyelet connectors. 

Their other major name is lug connectors, although others may call them ring wiring terminals. The primary makeup material of these connectors must be an excellent conductor such as copper and aluminum. 

Also, the material must be corrosion-proof, which is why brass eyelet connectors are popular. 

Types of Eyelet Connectors

Electrical eyelets in use. 

You’ll find eyelet connectors in electrical shops in different sizes and designs. This variation is important as different applications require a unique eyelet connector type. Some of the popular designs include the following: 

Non-Insulated Eyelet Connectors

Steel non-insulated lug eyelet connector. 

Steel non-insulated lug eyelet connector. 

They lack an insulation cover and are thus ideal in applications where the wires are not exposed. They are common in auto wiring, primarily interior wiring. 

Insulated Eyelet Connectors

Power cable with eyelet terminal.

Power cable with eyelet terminal.

They feature a rubber cover on the conducting part, which is handy in preventing electrical accidents during handling. But some use plastic insulation. Insulated conductors are ideal when the cables need regular inspection/repair. 

Standard Eyelet Connectors

A power cable eyelet terminal. 

A power cable eyelet terminal. 

They are the most common eyelet connectors in your local electrical shop. They are also popular because of their ease of use; you only need to crimp them to wires. Soldering the connectors to the wire is also an option where a strong connection is necessary. 

When purchasing standard eyelet connectors, select one that matches the gauge of your auto wires. 

Heavy-Duty Eyelet Connectors

They are the most feasible solution for linking wires carrying high currents and are robust in size. You will find them in heavy works machinery and trucks electrical works. 

How to Install Ring Eyelet Connectors?

A power cable eyelet electrical connector is in use. 

A power cable eyelet electrical connector is in use. 

The installation of the ring eyelet connector is an outright thing. Here are the main steps: 


First, assemble the tools you will need for this work. You will need:

  • Wire strippers 
  • Wires
  • Wire Crimper with the right teeth size proportional to your wire gauge
  • Solder and soldering gun (for the soldering option)
  • A Multimeter
  • An eyelet electrical connector matching the wire gauge. 

Wire Preparation

Wire stripping. 

Wire stripping. 

Using the wire stripper, remove the rubber cover on the wires you want to link to the eyelet connector. The length of your stripped part will depend on the size of the eyelet connector you’re using. 

Do not strip the wire more than necessary, as this will require you to cover it with tape. Next, pick a lug connector that matches the wire gauge for your cable. This is also critical, as a mismatch will lead to a poor joint. 

Two wires in an eyelet connector. 

Two wires in an eyelet connector. 

Now, connect the bare wire part to the eyelet connector by sliding it on the cylindrical side. The next step depends on whether you want a soldered connection or a simple crimping. 

If you’re crimping, simply press the crimper on the eyelet connector part that holds the wire to make a secure connection. But first, ensure you set the crimper to the ideal teeth size about the eyelet electrical connector size. 

If you go for soldering, heat your iron to about 300 degrees Celsius and solder the wire-connector junction.  

Test the Junction

An auto mechanic uses a multimeter to test for continuity. 

An auto mechanic uses a multimeter to test for continuity. 

Finally, test if you have made a secure connection using a multimeter. Here, you will look to see if there is continuity in the wire. It is also a critical safety measure as a disjoint can lead to electrical accidents that can be fatal. 

Applications of Eyelet Connectors

Wire lugs on an electrical panel

Wire lugs on an electrical panel

Lug connectors are helpful in the auto industry, and the most typical application is connecting to the battery. But notably, the auto eyelet connectors must withstand high currents without breakdown. 

Other major applications include: 

  • The marine industry, especially since they are resistant to corrosion, can withstand moisture and salt exposure without rusting. 
  • Also, you’ll find them in industrial machinery, household electrical works, and solar panels. 
  • You will also find them in Power stations but note that the type, in this case, must be sturdy and heavy-duty. 


Creating a clean and tidy connection is straightforward with eyelet connectors. However, the primary hack in getting things right is choosing the right lug size and design. 

We recommend soldering when you want a strong connection, especially for wires in vibration environments. But you can still go for crimping because, with the right crimp teeth size, the joint is still strong. 

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