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Headlight Switch: Complete Explanation

Are you curious about how your car headlights work?

Or maybe, you want to know what other uses the headlight switch has, other than turning on and off headlamps? 

Here, we provide a complete explanation of the headlight switch. We’ll also discuss why it’s important and how it works and explore its various functions.

After reading this article, you’ll better understand how your car’s headlight switch works!

Table of Contents

Importance of Headlights

Headlights are an essential safety feature in any vehicle and are typically the main illumination source. Some other important headlights include;

  1. They provide a clear line of sight for both the driver and other road users, helping to reduce the risk of accidents by giving the driver greater awareness of their surroundings.
  2.  Headlights allow for safe driving during nighttime and dangerous driving conditions. 
  3.  Brighten objects in the roadway to prevent collisions due to low visibility. 
  4.  Enable other drivers to see your vehicle from a distance.  
  5.  Increase the chances of being seen by other drivers earlier, which can help avoid sudden events such as animal or pedestrian crossings.
headlights switch images

(headlights switch images)

What Is A Universal Headlight Switch Wiring Diagram?

Simply put, the universal headlight switches wiring diagram shows the different parts of a universal headlight switch. This diagram highlights the critical connection parts and terminals and provides wiring details to install the headlight switch.

A universal headlight switches wiring diagram visually represents how the headlight switches function in the system.

It shows how the wires in the headlight switches connect to other components in the electrical circuit and how each color of wire functions within the circuit.

A wiring diagram can help figure out where a problem might be if any part of the system isn’t functioning properly.

Wiring Details

(Wiring Details)

Does Headlight Switches Work For Any Vehicle?

The answer is No. While there are many similar headlight switches, each manufacturer uses a wiring unique to the particular product.

For example, one manufacturer’s diagram may specify that the tail lights terminal be at the top, while another may place theirs at the bottom.

Both switches will work for your car, but the connection method will differ. In cases where they are installed incorrectly, the universal headlight switches become unstable after installation.

For this reason, you must pay attention when purchasing headlight switches. We advise that you Inspect the headlight switches wiring diagram and see if it matches your car’s wiring pattern.

How do you know if the diagram matches your car’s wiring pattern? This diagram is usually located in the owner’s manual. If it isn’t, then contact your car manufacturer and request one.

Car with the headlight on

(Car with the headlight on)

How Do You Know When The Headlight Switch Is Bad?

If your headlight switch is malfunctioning, here’s how to know it’s due to the latter:

  • None of the lights are working:  If it were incorrect wiring, perhaps one or two lights would come on. But you know it’s a bad headlight switch when no car light comes on.
  • High beams not staying on, headlight switches must pull back and lock a lever to keep high beam headlights on. If worn out or broken, it’ll be unable to lock the lever. 
  • Unable to switch modes: bad headlight switches will have problems switching between light modes. It’s similar to being unable to keep the high beams on, as previously explained. But in this case, it’s not just the high beams but other light modes. 
Close view of a car headlight

(Close view of a car headlight)


Understanding universal headlight switches’ wiring makes installing universal headlight switches seamlessly. But note that bad headlight switches won’t work even with proper wiring. So, always confirm that your headlight switch is in optimal condition before wiring and installing it.

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