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How To Wire a Bucket Harness to Club Car Precedent: Installation Steps

Here’s a guide about how to wire a bucket harness to the Club Car Precedent.

Club Car Precedents made from 2004 to 2008 came with everything you needed to install the headlights and tail lights. 

But things changed from January 2008 going forward. The company eliminated the bucket harness for powering the tail lights.

Therefore, you have to install this harness before fixing the tail lights. Here’s how to do it.

Table of Contents

How To Wire a Bucket Harness to the Club Car Precedent

There are two slight wiring variations due to the 8-volt and 12-volt configurations. We’ll explain the difference in the installation steps below.

Step 1: Disconnect the Power Supply

Begin the process by turning the ignition key to the OFF position. After that, remove the bottom cushion from the front seat to access the battery pack.

Golf cart seats

Golf cart seats

Switch the RUN/TOW switch to the TOW position, then disconnect the battery’s negative terminal. Loosen the negative terminal clamp on battery four, which is on the driver’s side.

Step 2: Remove the Brake Adjustment Access Panel

Loosen the screws that hold the floor mat to the cart. There should be four screws. 

Undo them, then lift the floor mat to access the brake adjustment access panel below. 

Remove this brake adjustment access panel.

Step 3: Pry Charge the Receptacle Cover from the Cart

Next, loosen and retain the front body screws, then pry-charge the receptacle cover from the Precedent.

 After that, remove the screws holding the lower body trim to the vehicle’s body, and lift this trim out of the cart.

Pry tools

Pry tools

Step 4: Drill the Tail Light Installation Holes

Position the tail lights at the Club Car Precedent’s rear, then measure 1.5 inches from the rear bumper’s top edge. Draw a horizontal line at this point.

Next, measure 2.25 inches horizontally from the cart body’s edge that curves to form the bag well going outwards. Draw a vertical line from this point.

Drill a hole using a 1.5-inch hole saw at the point where the two lines drawn above intersect. Mark the intersection first using the center punch, then drill the hole. Repeat the process on the other side to have the two tail light wire holes at the same point.

A golf cart’s tail lights

A golf cart’s tail lights

Step 5: Route and Connect the Brake Light Harness

Thread the 12-pin connector and brake light wiring harness (accessory) from the internal part of the battery compartment through the hole channeling the primary harness.

Follow the primary harness’s path through this hole to the center floor channel leading to the brake compartment. Pull the brake light accessory wire through this channel and hook up the cable.

Step 6: Install the Bucket Harness in the Club Car Precedent

Loosen and retain the screws securing the cart’s dash panel and lift it to access the harnesses under the dash.

We recommend using the primary harness’s path on the passenger side floor channel to the front side and upwards to the dashboard.

Golf cart dashboards

Golf cart dashboards

Channel the wiring harness through this path to feed the 12-pin connector to the connection point under the dashboard. Once you get the wire to this point, attach the red male bullet connector with the gray wire to the red female connector, still with a gray wire.

The male end is on the bucket harness, and the female connector is on the harness existing in the cart.

Step 7: Route the Bucket Harness to the Drilled Holes

You’ll need a fish tape or snake wire for this routing process. Connect the harness to either of these pulling tools and pass the lead through the corners on the upper section of the battery compartment.

Feed the fish tape or snake wire through the passenger side corner with the harness section containing the yellow wire and a 3-pin connector attached. Repeat this process for the driver side with the 3-pin connector having a white middle wire attached.

A fish tape for wire pulling

A fish tape for wire pulling

Pull these connectors out of the drilled holes with a short harness allowance, mount the taillights, and connect them.

Step 8: Connect the Bucket Harness

Locate the black 12th wire with a yellow female bullet connector behind the third battery and connect it to the yellow male connector on the new, routed harness.

Next, find the blue 12th wire behind the same battery (number 3) with a male connector and link it to the blue wire in the harness. Both have white connectors.

Ensure you connect this wire to the third battery. Linking it to battery one will run current at 48V to the lights, burning them.

If dealing with an 8V battery configuration, link the blue harness wire to the blue 12th wire with a male connector on battery four. You should use a voltage limiter when mounting this harness to the 8V battery configuration.

Step 9: Reconnect the Power Supply

Reconnect the negative battery terminal you had disconnected earlier on battery four (driver’s side). Next, turn the RUN/TOW switch back to the RUN position, then turn the ignition key to the ON position.

Step 10: Test the Lights

Test the tail lights. Ensure the RUN/TOW switch is in the RUN position and the ignition key is on. The lights will only work if the cart meets these conditions. If the lights work, refit the floor panels, panels, trims, and access covers you had removed earlier.

Functioning golf cart tail lights

Functioning golf cart tail lights

Wrap Up

While following this installation guideline, check out the manufacturer’s instructions, as well, to avoid making costly mistakes.

 And you don’t have to worry about circuit protection features because the harness has an inline fuse.

That’s a wrap. Contact us if you need this harness to install tail lights to your Precedent or to share your thoughts. We appreciate the feedback.

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