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Jeep Battery Cable Replacement: All You Need to Know

About Jeep battery cable replacement. One thing is inevitable when dealing with batteries: the corrosion of their cables. When this happens, the only way out is to replace the battery cable. Although many opt to have the mechanic repair it, this is a DIY task you can handle yourself. Learn the steps you’ll follow for a successful Jeep battery cable replacement. 

Materials Needed

Before starting the replacement process, here is what you need to assemble. 

  • A wire stripper/crimper tool
  • A screwdriver (Flathead type) 
  • Heat shrink tubings
  • 2 Positive and 2 Negative Battery Cables (For the Jeep, the recommended gauge is 4AWG)
  • A Heat Gun
  • Brass marine clamp terminals (Recommended because of their sturdiness) 
  • A battery terminal preserver spray
  • A copper ring terminal 
  • Wrenches 
  • Sockets
  • A knife

Battery Cable Replacement Steps

Fitting a car battery with a wrench. 

Fitting a car battery with a wrench. 

Once you’ve assembled the above parts and tools, the next thing is to follow the steps below. 

Disconnect/Clean the Terminals

Battery Terminal corrosion is common because the battery’s acid encourages it. Therefore, you need to remove all traces of corrosion before a replacement. We recommend using a battery cleaner spray. 

Apply it to the corroded parts and wait for some time. Next, spray some water to remove the dislodged corrosion. Be careful because the corrosion is toxic and can scorch your skin. Once they are clean, proceed to remove the battery cables. 

The rule of thumb is to start with the negative one 

Install a new Starter Cable

A car battery terminals. 

A car battery terminals. 

Check out the starter cable, which usually runs from the battery to the starter. A sheath usually protects these cables, so you must cut the cover to access them.

Identify the starter cable, and if you’re having trouble, check your car’s manual. Identify the main starter cable and unscrew it from the starter. Now, you need to install a new starter cable (both positive and negative). 

Therefore, prepare a small cable by stripping its ends. Use a heat shrink tubing to cover the exposed ends of the cables. Next, install the copper ring terminal at the ends of the cables. It will help you bolt the starter cable to the starter. 

Repeat this process for the positive cable and bolt the two wires on the starter. 

Fuse Box Cable Replacement

You can trace the fuse box cable by following the positive battery cable to the point where it connects to the fuse box. Once you identify it, uninstall the old cable and replace it with a new one. 

Replacing the Negative Cables

A Mechanic Attaching Jumper Cables To Car Battery. 

A Mechanic Attaching Jumper Cables To Car Battery. 

Now, trace the negative battery cable from the battery to the engine block. Uninstall it and install a new one. Also, you need to replace the ground cable. But before installing a new ground, ensure you clean the part where it connects to the vehicle chassis. 

Reconnect the Battery Cables Back

Now, it’s time to connect the new battery cables to the battery. But before screwing them, start by spraying the terminals with a preserver to curtail future corrosion. Next, start by screwing the two positive cables followed by the two negative cables. 


As you have learned from this guide, replacing your Jeep battery cable is straightforward. Although we’ve limited our discussion to the Jeep, the process for replacing other car model cables is similar. 

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