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Replacement Wire Harness For Autos: How To Replace a Vehicle Wiring Harness

About Replacement Wire Harness For Autos, Day by day, vehicles and their electrical systems are becoming more complex, and so is the wiring needed to keep things running. 

It shouldn’t surprise you that the wiring could weigh up to a hundred pounds in modern cars. 

The wires function as the car’s nervous system, conveying signals and currents to transmit information within the car’s electrical system.

However, cars suffer constant vibration, ice, salt,  water, and extreme temperatures, all of which, over time, take a serious toll on the car’s wiring. 

Also, accidents and collisions could damage the wiring harness. 

To sum it all up, replacement wire harnesses for autos are integral to automotive technology.

Table of Contents

Repair or Replace the Automotive Wiring Harness

A standard wiring harness compromises of the following components:

  1. Terminals
  2. Connectors
  3. Splices
  4. Wire
  5. Backshells
  6. Shrinking Tubing
  7. String tie or braid (to bundle wires together)
  8. Contacts
Automotive Electric Connector, The chances of you having to replace your entire wire harness are minimal, even if a wiring harness lasting throughout a car’s lifespan is unheard of.

Caption: Automotive Electric Connector. The chances of you having to replace your entire wire harness are minimal, even if a wiring harness lasting throughout a car’s lifespan is unheard of.

If you experience any problems, you’ll probably have to replace a section of the wiring using a certain part. 

However, if the damage to your wire harness is too intense, like all the wires melting, you might have to replace the entire harness. 

Besides, some systems are more sensitive, so you’re better off replacing your airbag systems instead of repairing them.

How to Repair a Broken Electrical Wire?

Oil leaking onto tape and wires will eventually dry them up, causing them to crack, brittle, or break.

 Once your copper wires are exposed, you’ll need to replace them. Failure to do so will result in functionality problems with the part affected. 

Tools Needed

Below is a list of the tools you’ll need.

  1. Crimper tool
  2. Wire stripper
  3. New electrical wire
  4. Heat shrink
  5. Butt splices
  6. Wire loom
  7. Electrical tape
  8. Lighter
Crimper Tool

Caption: Crimper Tool


Follow the steps below to learn how to repair a broken wire.

  1. Twist the exposed copper wire.
  2. Using wire cutters, remove the damaged wire by cutting off the chewed, exposed, melted, dry, brittle, or torn section from the existing wire.
  3. To expose your copper wire, strip off the ends of your existing wire.
  4. Twist your butt connector as far as possible onto your existing wire.
  5. Secure your butt connector by crimping its center using a crimper tool.
  6. Test the tightness of your butt connector by tugging the wire.
  7. Crimp your replacement wire to your butt connector by repeating the previously mentioned steps to connect your wires by attaching your replacement wire to your butt splice.
  8. Place a heat shrink on the section of your repaired wire.
  9. Using a lighter such as a mini torch, melt the shrink.
  10. Before attaching your butt splice on the outer end of your newly replaced wire, place your heat shrink.
  11. Melt, strip, and crimp a heat shrink on the ends of your replacement wire. Repeat the steps to attach the other ends of your replacement wire and splice any new wires together.
  12. Once you’re done, wrap your wires using electrical tape.
  13. Now, install a wire loom over your wires.
  14. Lastly, tape your wire loom.

How To Replace a Car Wiring Harness?

Often, this involves removing your damaged, old wire harness and installing a new one. 

However, replacing a wire harness is very difficult and requires high expertise and skill.

 Therefore, it’s advisable not to attempt this unless you have experience in electrical systems and car repair.

  • The costs of buying a wiring harness vary because of the various locations and sizes of the wire harness. Ensuring your new wire harness system is compatible with your car model and make is important. There are different types of harnesses, and using the wrong type could cause further problems. Therefore, it’s advisable to consult an auto electrician or professional mechanic before purchasing. This ensures that you get the right combination of components to ensure integrity and lasting value for your car.
  • Also, replacing a wire harness is time-consuming and requires attention to detail and patience. It’s not a process you can rush because shortcuts and mistakes will result in further problems. The time it will take to replace your wiring harness will vary depending on the complexity of your electrical system. Generally, replacing your wire harness could take between 8 and 20 hours. The time estimate involves removing your old wiring harness, installing a new one, and testing your electrical system to ensure everything works properly.


Truthfully, understanding wire and wire harness replacement can seem tricky, particularly for custom builds. 

But don’t worry. All you need is solid research, patience, and the abovementioned tips. 

Furthermore, making an entirely new wire harness system is cheaper than overhauling or repairing an existing system in certain situations. 

Do you need a plug-and-play wiring harness for your easy installation? Cloom Tech is ready to help.

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