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SGT VS SGX Cable — Understanding The Differences Between The Two Battery Cables

Battery cables are crucial electrical components in our cars because they connect our fuse starter or block to the battery. There are two types of battery cables: SGX vs SGT cable. They both have different features and specifications based on your application’s needs. Today, we will highlight their differences and explain the ideal solution for your requirements. 

What is SGT Wire?

An SGT wire is a PVC (polyvinyl chloride) insulated cable. It has a single core and is approximately 50 volts. Furthermore, it has stranded copper conductors, a feature ideal for ground and battery-operated systems. It often comes in red and black.

In addition, the SGT wire protects against cracking, acids, oils, and weather elements. Therefore, you will have a reliable and stable connection throughout, despite the wire not having a jacket. 

Short circuit, burnt battery cables

(Short circuit, burnt battery cables)

Also, it is less costly and has a rating of about 80℃/176℉. Since it meets the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) specs, you will have excellent performance. 

SGT has several sizes (from 0.02 to 0.031 inches) and lengths. Often, you’ll find 6 to 4/0 gauge sizes with lengths ranging from 25ft, 100ft, to 500ft.

General applications

You’ll find SGT wires in heavy vehicles using 24V and 12V battery systems, boats, RVs, Buses, cars, and trucks, and traction and power systems in 48V forklift golf carts and trucks.

Electric truck batteries

 (Electric truck batteries)

What is SGX Wire?

An SGX wire is a premium version of battery cables because it offers a heat protection rate of 125℃/257℉. The rate is greater than the one on SGT wires.

Moreover, it has an XLPE (Cross-linked polyethylene) insulation, which makes it resistant to transmission fluid, oil, power steering fluid, ozone, gas, flames, ethanols, diesel fluid, coolant, alkalis, abrasion, and acids. \

A cross-section of an XLPE power cable

(A cross-section of an XLPE power cable)

Because of its durability and reliability, it is more costlier than SGT wires. 

Its colors are red and black, and its gauge sizes range from 6 to 4/0 gauge. During your purchase, you’ll find it in 25-ft, 100-ft, or 500-ft spools. 

Furthermore, it has voltage ratings of 50V, and it meets the SAE and Chrysler specifications. 


SGX wire is common in applications like RVs, trucks, cars, buses, and boats. 

SGT VS SGX Cable: Comparison

The table below summarizes the differences and similarities between SGT and SGX cables.

Features SGT cableSGX cable
Materials used in constructionMostly Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)Mostly Cross-linked polyethylene.
Colors availableRed or blackRed or black
SAE J-1127 standardsMeets the standards.Meets the standards.
Applications Basic useComplex applications that require more protection
Voltage rating 50V50V
A battery cable copper wire

(A battery cable copper wire)

Can these cables be used in place of Welding Cable?

SGX and SGT wires have a 50V voltage rating. Generally, this rating renders them unsuitable for replacing a welding cable. Under normal circumstances, the three have the same ampacity and temperature range, but welding cables are more flexible. As such, an SGX automotive battery cable, for instance, will experience power loss due to its less flexibility. 

Welding electrode wires

 ( Welding electrode wires)

On the contrary, you can replace battery cables with welding cables per UL 583 and UL 558. 


In conclusion, battery cables are lifesavers for our motors. Of note are the 2 major battery wires, SGX and SGT. Although they have different designs and functionality, they are durable and worth purchasing. 

With that said, we hope the information has made your process easy. If you need help, you can contact us or browse our website for more cable information. 

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