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SGX vs. SGT Wire: Which is the Best Battery Cable?

Are you stuck on SGX vs. SGT wire, trying to figure out the best? Picking a battery cable is an arduous task because there are a lot of factors at play. 

Primarily, you must choose an automotive cable with excellent transmission. But it should also withstand forces such as acid exposure, flames, and oils. 

So which of the two types is the more economical option? Stay with us, and let’s explore the features of each of these cables. 

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Where Is Battery Cable Used?

A battery cable is the ultimate connection between the transportation battery and the starter. You can find it in cars, buses, trucks, boats, and RVs.

Ideally, it should offer a direct connection while minimizing the number of sharp turns, which will ensure excellent power transmission. 

Also, a great cable should be strong and highly durable. Battery cables have various grades. They are also better than the typical welding cables because they are cheaper and more suited to carrying power. 

The two main cable types of these wires are: 

  • SGT battery cable
  • SGX battery cable

We’ll discuss their respective features below.

What is Type SGT Wire?

Battery Cables in Use. 

Battery Cables in Use. 

It’s an automotive cable best suited for battery ground circuits. The cable is also handy for linking the battery to the automotive starter. 

The cable is simple, featuring a stranded bare copper conductor and a PVC insulation cover.

Notably, this is a basic-level automotive battery cable without the extensive features of the SGX wire we’ll discuss later. 

It’s also cheaper than the SGC cable but still capable of functions such as the following: 

  • It shields the current-carrying conductor from elements, oils, and acids
  • Also, it’s an ideal cable for basic battery replacement jobs and simple DIY automotive projects. 

Here are its key specifications: 

Voltage Rating50V
Temperature Range-40°C to +105°C
Available Gauge Sizes6 AWG to 4/0 AWG

What is Type SGX Wire?

Battery Cable options. 

Battery Cable options. 

It’s also a cable with a stranded bare copper conductor. This cable sports an XLPE insulation/cross-linked polyethylene, unlike the SGT wire with a PVC cover. 

Some of its main specs are similar to those of the SGT wires. 

Nonetheless, an SGX wire is better than SGT in heat protection primarily because of its 125°C/257°F rating. 

Moreover, the XLPE insulation is more robust than PVC and thus offers more protection against: 

  • Diesel Fluid
  • Extreme Temperatures 
  • Harsh Environments
  • Gas
  • Flames 
  • Abrasion
  • Acid

The additional features make the cable ideal for engine compartment connections. 

Nonetheless, it’s primarily pricier than the SGT wire to compensate for the improved features. 

SGX vs. SGT Wire: What are Their Similarities?

Red and Black Cables. 

Red and Black Cables. 

The two cables’ primary difference is in their insulation which fundamentally affects their temperature rating. 

The SGT wire features a Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) cover, which translates to the following shortcomings: 

  • It has a significantly lower temperature tolerance. Hence, the cross-linked polyethylene in SGX cables makes the type more suitable where great heat resistance is necessary. 
  • Also, it’s less durable than SGX and thus wears out faster. 

Still, they have remarkable similarities that include the following: 

  • Both cables have a similar voltage rating and comply with the SAE J-1127 standards. 
  • Also, they are available in red/black colors

Therefore, you must consider the temperature exposure conditions between the two. 

And this is the most important consideration as it is the fundamental distinctive feature between the two. 

Is SGT or SGX Cable a Wise Alternative to Welding Cables?

Welders cables on a welding machine. 

Welders cables on a welding machine. 

None of these cables is an ideal alternative to the conventional welding wire because of their 50V rating. 

Yes, they share a similar ampacity and temp range to welding cables. But none of the two have a similar flexibility to the welding cables. 

Can I Use a Battery Cable for Welding Arcs?

Note that it’s okay to apply welding cables in battery applications but never vice versa. 

So you cannot apply battery cable in making welding arcs. The suitable wire for arcs is strictly the weld cable. 

Can I Use a Welding Cable Instead of the Car Battery Cable?

Weld cables and welding gear. 

Weld cables and welding gear. 

Yes, it’s fine to use a welding cablinsteadce of the typical battery cables. 

Even so, this may not be commendable because welders’ cables are pretty expensive than battery cables. 

Hence, replacing battery cables with welders cable wouldn’t make economic sense. 

But again, this depends on what’s available. For instance, if you have an available welding cable, you can use it. Also, some scenarios can compel you to opt for it due to its extremely high voltage rating. 

Again it is a more flexible cable than the typical battery terminal cables. So it’s ideal where you are looking for extra flexibility. 


Picking suitable types of battery cables takes a lot of work because you must get the specs right for top performance. 

For instance, using SGT in scorching auto environments will do you more harm than good. 

Similarly, using the expensive SGX cables in a setup where acids, abrasions, and heat are not key issues would be pointless. 

Thus, ideally, you should gauge the cable’s suitability based on your intended application. 

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