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What Is a Bulkhead Connector? – Definition, Advantages, and Application

What Is a Bulkhead Connector? You will need a cable and a reliable connector to move information or power from one device in your car to another. 

While you can use several types of connections, the bulkhead connector is up there with the best. 

After all, it offers secure, reliable, and long-lasting connection even when working in vibration-prone environments. 

With that said, let’s see what is a bulkhead connector, its advantages, and where you can use it.

What Is a Bulkhead Connector?

Bulkhead connectors, also known as terminal blocks, refer to a connection for securing a cable to an electronic

Typically, such a connector features a plastic or metallic casing. The cable comes with different pins or a pin connecting it to the casing. 

These pins feature brass or copper constriction. Additionally, the pins come color-coded for seamless identification, and you can solder them in an electronic for a permanent connection. 

Configurations of BulkHead Connectors

While all bulkhead connectors have the same design for secure connections, they feature several configurations depending on the application. 

Some of the main available configurations include:


BNC connectors refer to quick connect and disconnect connectors used in coaxial cables. 

The connector is very useful in radio and video transmission, requiring signal precision.

 It operates at 50 to 75 Ohm resistance, up to 2 GHz frequency, and up to 500 volts.

A BNC connector photo

A BNC connector photo


SMA are coaxial connections that operate at 50 Ohm resistance and up to 18 GHz frequency.  They feature a screw-type connection that ensures uniform contact to minimize reflections.

 You can expect to find these connectors in antennas, especially those using 6 GHz technology such as WiFi or Bluetooth.

An SMA connector example

An SMA connector example


TNC refers to a commonly used connector with a 50 Ohm impedance, making it suitable for low-frequency operation. 

To be precise, its operation frequency is 0 to 11 GHz, which is smaller than BNC. These features are very useful in various wired and radio connections.

A TCN male and female connectors

A TCN male and female connectors

Advantages of Bulkhead Coaxial Connectors

Amazingly, bulkhead connectors can work with any electrical system, making them an asset for many technicians. Below are some advantages of using these connectors: 

Improved flexibility: What most engineers love about these connectors is their design that can pass through various boards and panels. This characteristic ensures enhanced versatility and design flexibility in communication devices in different environments.

Offers strong and secure connection: Apart from using quality metals, RF bulkhead connectors also have a threaded style to secure the connection. This design ensures that your cables would not disconnect accidentally, even in vibration-prone environments. 

EMI shielding: As you may know, electromagnetic interference negatively impacts signal strength, which can harm communication. As such, the metallic casing of the bulkhead offers a shield from these distortions and other external interferences. Doing so ensures a quality, reliable, and strong signal, even in noisy environments.

Ease of Installation and Maintenance: Another amazing benefit is the design that offers quick and seamless installation and disconnection on the panel. 

Water resistivity and durability:  You can expect these connectors to have water resistance capabilities, especially those sealed with an IP67/8 seal. 

Application of Bulkhead RF connectors

With their flexibility, bulkhead connectors have a variety of applications both outdoors and indoors, plus wet and dry environments. With that said, let’s discuss some of their applications:


As we established above, these connectors reduce electromagnetic interference while offering secure connections. 

For this reason, they are highly useful in antennas, transceivers, and other telecommunication gadgets. 

Specifically, they provide signal enclose integrity during transmission, maintaining signal quality.

Several bulkhead connections in a telecommunication panel

Several bulkhead connections in a telecommunication panel

Wireless Networking

We also said these connectors offer waterproof and secure connections even during shocks and vibrations. 

Therefore, since networking needs such, they become highly applicable in connecting routers, access points, and antennas. 

Test and Measurement equipment

Their ease of use and security allow them to be useful in connection between a test point and a device. This feature is mostly vital where devices need frequency configurations. 

Industrial application.

In manufacturing industries and other applications, precise communication and robust connection are necessary.

 It allows seamless communication between machine sections, improving product quality and quantity. 

Wrap Up

Due to their versatility, ability to offer secure connections, and connection and disconnection ease, bulkhead connectors have become a necessity. 

We can only expect their demand to continue rising as technology advances and more electronics enter the market. 

However, always use one with quality material to prevent poor sealing and electrical losses.

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