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Wire Harness Assembler: DIY Guide On Wire Harness Assembly

About Wire Harness Assembler, Did you recently decide to get into DIY wire harnessing? But you’re probably unaware of how the entire process works. 

However, you need not worry, as the article below outlines all the necessary information a wire harness assembler needs to get started.

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What are Wire Harnesses?

A wire harness is a bundle of wires/cables and terminators/connectors with a protective cover to protect it from tear and wear from harsh environmental conditions and other damaging factors. 

Harnesses are essential because they assist in organizing wires for easier implementation into systems and equipment. Often, people call wire harnesses cable assemblies. 

Some of the benefits wire harnesses offer include:

  • They improve equipment safety.
  • Help optimize space by bundling wires together
  • They are available in a variety of lengths and sizes
  • They provide extended service life on wires and cables
  • They enable customization for special applications
Automotive wiring harness

Automotive wiring harness

What are Wire Harnesses Used For?

Below are some of the various applications you can use wire harnesses.

  • Industrial and Heavy Equipment: often, you can incorporate wire harnesses into heavy equipment used in construction and various other industries.
  • Automotive: you can use wire harnesses for various purposes like relaying signals, electrical power, and information.
  • Flat panel screens: wire harnesses are used in flat panel screens to organize and reduce electromagnetic interference.
  • Ruggedized computers: you can utilize cable assemblies and wire harnesses in ruggedized computers used in harsh military or industrial environments. The covering helps protect the wires from moisture, dust, dirt and other elements.
  • Flight simulators: to transmit information and energy according to various small space requirements and performance standards, flight simulators utilize wire harnesses.
  • Wire harnesses are also used in medical equipment, electronics, defense and military, construction, and many other fields.
Heavy Equipment wiring harness

Heavy Equipment wiring harness

How a Wire Harness Assembler Manufactures Wire Harness?

The wire harness manufacturing process can vary from simple to extremely complex. Below are the steps of the manufacturing process.

  1. Begins with designing and ensuring your harness integrates the custom features for its intended application.
  2. The next step is to cut, strip, and terminate the wire. Strip and cut the wires at your desired length, then attach the metal terminals to the necessary wire ends using a crimp center.
  3. If necessary, insert the wires into your connector housing to enable the female and male wires to mate. You must leave some wires outside your connectors and attach them to the initial equipment.
  4. Lastly, an alternator board bound the wires and cables using an outer covering. The board helps guide correct breakouts and enables final electrical testing.

Despite the introduction of revolutionary machinery to aid in the wire harness process, manual assembly is still dominant. 

This is because routing wires and cables through themselves are very delicate. Manual procedures for wire harness assembly include;

  • Applying tape in different sizes and locations
  • Crimping the terminals to wires which might need numerous crimping operations
  • Inserting sleeves onto each other
  • Fastening the strands of cable ties, tape, or clamps 
Manual Wire Harness Assembly

Caption: Manual Wire Harness Assembly

Wire Harness Assembler at Cloom

At Cloom, we work with professionals from schematic development and wire harness designing to ensure optimum prototyping and production. 

Every design offers a solution for every process, from design to installation. Plus, all our products are tested and approved to ensure your safety as you use them.

Our wire harness services include;

  • Custom configuration
  • Ultrasonic welding Multiple cable and wire integrations
  • Quick installation
  • In-line cable and wire marking
  • 100% fit, function, and form validation
  • Harness sub-assembly prefabrication

At Cloom, we ensure that all the members of our team have the necessary training and skills to perform all tasks flawlessly. 

We ensure that all our team members can perform all their duties diligently, some of which include.

  • Gathering the necessary tools and materials for the entire process.
  • The route, assemble, and wire electrical components via wire layout boards.
  • Operating all types of machinery.


There, you have all you need to know about wire harness assembly. 

From the wire harness manufacturing process to the various applications, you’re no longer confused. 

For all your wire harness assembly needs, contact Cloom Tech. Our team of professionals will assist you from the first step of designing to the final step of production.

Hi I am Christa, sales manager of Cloom.

I have extensive expertise and experience in wiring harnesses and I believe I can help you.

And we have a very professional technical team who can clearly understand the customer’s needs and give professional suggestions and solutions after receiving the drawings.

If you also have wiring harness needs, please send me the drawing so that we can give you our quote and start our business.

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