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Wire Harness Clips: What are They?

What are wire harness clips, and what are their applications in auto wiring? We will guide you through the different types of wire harness clips to help you choose the best one for your car. 

What Are Wire Harness Clips?

They are adjustable, insulated, plastic/metallic clamps useful for securing auto wire harness cables in one position. 

If wires lay all over, they’ll be damaged. However, they can also be found in other applications, such as at-home cabling. 

Types of Wire Harness Clamps

A T-shaped Plastic Cable clip. 

A T-shaped Plastic Cable clip. 

One-piece Self-adhesive Mounts

They provide a convenient clipping solution for single-piece wires and do not require a cable tie. 

RA self-adhesive mount clips are the best option when clipping a cable around an inaccessible area. 

RB self-adhesive mount clips are crucial, especially where routing freedom is necessary. You can use either clip type for auto-wiring applications, even where there is a risk of corrosion. They are rust-proof and can withstand different conditions. 

Adhesive Cable Clips

They are easy to use. You simply need to lay them over your cables. Hence, you won’t require nailing like conventional clips. So you don’t have to worry about destroying your auto’s aesthetics during installation. 

There are two main types: 

Using synthetic rubber-based adhesive clips requires some patience in installation because their adhesive takes time to dry. However, they have one of the best cable-pulling powers when fully dry. 

Acrylate adhesive clips, on the other hand, have excellent adhesion and dry fast. Both have a wide operating temperature range and installing them is straightforward. 

Cable Clips with Screws

Metallic Cable Clips

Metallic Cable Clips

Most of these types are either metal or plastic made, and it features a screw for installation on the auto’s surface. This engineering is necessary when dealing with heavy cables that require a sturdy option to hold in position. 

Cable Clips for Multiple Routing

Think of a case where you would like to clip two cables or conduits parallel. This cable clip option is ideal for such an application. It ensures there’s zero chance of cable entanglement, essential in wiring management. 

Bundling Clips

They help support a wire harness, especially where the cables run for an extensive length. A bundling clip is used in tandem with a cable clip to help reinforce the grip on the wires. 

Critical Considerations When Buying Wire Harness Clamps

Simple wiring harness clips. 

Simple wiring harness clips. 

  1. The ideal clip should perfectly fit your cables. 
  2. Secondly, it should also conveniently hold the cable load without the risk of the clip snapping. It is possible if the clip is made from a durable material that can withstand the weight/pressure. 
  3. In addition, make sure you specifically go for automotive wire harness clips and not any other type. This specificity will ensure you’re using the best clip for the job. 
  4. If you’re doing a DIY job, the best choice is wire harness clips that require no drilling or nailing to install. We recommend adhesive clips for auto work because they allow you to work in a confined space. Also, with them, you won’t affect the car’s aesthetic integrity by drilling holes in its surface. 
  5. Also, check out the total number of clips you require in detail so you can shop in bulk as it is cheap. 
  6. Finally, buy quality wire harness clips. They will last a long time and also provide value for money. 

Cable clips and Wire Clips: Are they Similar?

Plastic clips in household electrical wiring. 

Plastic clips in household electrical wiring. 

They are both reserved for the same purpose: to hold wires/cables in place. However, cable clips are essential for holding thick wires and cables, while wire clips hold small ones. Also, it is unusual to find metallic cable clips as they are primarily made of plastic/rubber. 

Conversely, wire clips are made of metal or plastic. Installation of wire clips is often straightforward as most feature an adhesive to stick on the holding surface. On the other hand, you will need to screw your cable clip for a robust holding job on the holding surface. 

Metal Cable Clips Vs. Plastic Cable Clips

Metal cable clips. 

Metal cable clips. 

Deciding between metal and plastic cable clips can be daunting because both make good-quality clamps. The metal clips are primarily made of durable metals such as copper, aluminum, and stainless steel. 

Hence, these clips are corrosion-free. However, using a copper clip on a stainless steel surface and vice versa induces rapid corrosion. In such a case, applying plastic clips becomes important. 

Examples of plastic clips include nylon-make type. They are cheap and at the same time give excellent performance. However, you must also understand the limitations of plastic clips. You cannot use them where there’s extreme heat, so metal clips are better in such cases. 

How do You Install Wire Clips?

A cable clip in electrical wiring. 

A cable clip in electrical wiring. 

Installation of cable clips is simple and primarily depends on the type you have. For example, when you’re dealing with adhesive clips, you simply remove the tape on the adhesive and install it. 

Also, some require screwing and others nailing, especially for household cable clips. 

How do You Remove Wire Clips?

Again, the removal process is not standard because it depends on the clip type. But you must know that most wire clips are single-use type. Therefore, when you remove them, you cannot install them back again. 

Applications of Wire Clamps

They are primarily useful in the auto industry for holding a wiring harness in one position. Other applications include telecommunications and home wiring installations. 


Cable clips/cramps provide a convenient way to tack wires and ensure they lay organizationally. You can also easily install cable clips on your car without hassle, provided you select the right type. 

We’ve covered the details above, but consult a professional mech/electrician if in doubt during installation.

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