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Wire Harness Wrap – What are the Main Wire Harness Cover Options?

How many types of wire harness wrap do you know? If you are a novice in this field, don’t worry—we’ve got you covered. We will list the six main types and expound on their fundamental properties. 

We will also advise you on which type of harness wrap to use in which scenario. 

6 Types of Cable Wrap Options for Automotive Wiring Harnesses

A wire harness is the vein network of the electrical system in your auto. Without it, linking one cable from one destination to the other would prove futile. However, you must be careful when choosing the wrap material for your wire harness. 

Among the primary types include the following: 

Dual wall Adhesive Heat Shrink Tubing

Heat shrink tubing wrap application. 

Heat shrink tubing wrap application. 

From its name, you can tell it has two primary layers. The internal layer is a hot melt adhesive covered by an outer layer of polyethylene. Also notable from its name is that it is a heat-shrink tubing wrap type. So, it requires activation by heat to form a solid cover. 

Where is such a wrap necessary? Since it is heat-shrink tubing, it perfectly hugs the wire harness, ensuring the cables inside are moisture-insulated. Moreover, it guarantees chemical corrosion insulation. 

Its temperature operation range is between -45 and 125 degrees Celsius. However, it sports some apparent downsides, such as the following: 

  • Installing it is not straightforward because you need a heat gun to secure the wrap around the auto wire
  • Also, to install it, you must be an expert in heat shrink tubing installation; otherwise, your wrap will be uneven. 
  • Finally, there are better wrap materials than this for a long-wiring harness. Running the wrap all around is time-consuming. 

Self-closing wrap

If you’re looking for a wrap that barely expands no matter what you subject it to, go for this type of harness casing. It’s polyester-made and usually comes either in monofilament or multifilament, depending on the application environment. 

It is also a lightweight wire harness wrap, making it a perfect fit for autos such as aircraft that require such materials. Its temperature operating range is also excellent. It can withstand extremes of between -50 and 150 degrees Celsius. 

Moreover, the installation of this wrap is pretty straightforward, primarily because it sports a cut-open design. Finally, this is the go-to wrap for a material with phenomenal wear resistance. It won’t get damaged even upon bending. 

Corrugated flexible conduit

A corrugated flexible conduit harness wrap. 

A corrugated flexible conduit harness wrap. 

It’s the most popular choice for automotive wiring harness wraps primarily because of the low cost of its constituting materials. Most of the corrugated flexible conduit wire harness wraps are made of: 

They are available in various colors and have excellent temperature resistance between -40 and 130 degrees Celsius. This property is crucial as the car’s engine chamber, where most wire harnesses run, is super hot. 

In addition, this high-temperature tolerance is important in preventing fires when temperatures are high. All these above-wrap materials are acid—and fuel-resistant. Of the three materials, polypropylene wrap has the best intolerance to all triggers. 

What’s most special about it is its relatively low thermal conductivity. 

Fiberglass sleeving

A fiberglass cloth roll. 

A fiberglass cloth roll. 

This material has the best temperature tolerance with an extensive range of -60 to 200 degrees Celsius. Hence, it is the ideal wrap for high voltage and temperatures. It also rarely breaks down, making it important in environments with extreme conditions. 

Braided self-closed wrap

A PET roll. 

A PET roll. 

It is a single-filament Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) type of wrap with the unique feature of self-wrapping. So when’s the ideal scenario to use it? If you suspect significant heat release from your cables, go for this type. 

It has fabulous heat release properties and a wide heat resistance range, between -50 and 150 degrees. However, if you’re into color range aesthetics, this wrap type will let you down, as it’s available only in black. 

However, this color limitation is advantageous, especially in aiding heat emission. Also, it doesn’t wear quickly, so this harness guarantees long-term service. 

Cable Sleeving

It’s a braid sleeve that wraps around a wire harness. However, its versatility means you can still wrap it around tubes or electrical hoses. Its temperature threshold is similar to the self-closing wrap we covered earlier. 

It’s also available in various colors, but its primary upside is its excellent flexibility. This feature makes it ideal for passing cables through narrow spaces. Moreover, it is self-extinguishing, so there’s no risk of catching fire. 

How to Select Cable Protection for Automotive Applications?

A hot car engine chamber. 

A hot car engine chamber. 

What are the primary factors when choosing an ideal cable protection for your wiring harness? Here are the four main ones: 

  1. First, you must consider where you expect to apply the wiring harness. For instance, if used in a hot environment around the engine chamber, go for a resistant option. Moreover, it doesn’t necessarily need to be made of solid material if it’s for the car’s interior wiring. 
  2. Next, you must also choose either a closed or open wiring harness wrap. The former provides a more secure wrapping, although it’s pretty demanding to install. So, a split wall type will be sufficient if you simply want a simple wrap. 
  3. Thirdly, you must also choose a cable wrap compatible with the accessories you intend to install. 
  4. Finally, consider whether the installation requires heat shrink tubing, especially in cases where moisture is a concern. 


That’s all for today on cable wrap options for your auto-wiring harness. We mean the best for your car, so we advise you always to pick the wrap option that best matches your application. 

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