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Painless Wiring Systems: A Simple Guide

About A car ready for wiring, It is not surprising that wiring systems are becoming more popular daily. Car owners are now in search of efficiency when restoring their vehicles. This guide will explain why painless wiring systems are important and how you can easily install painless harnesses in your car.

What are Painless Wiring Systems?

A Car Wiring System

A Car Wiring System

Painless wiring systems exist to simplify the process of wiring cars, particularly classic cars, and others used for racing. These systems offer pre-assembled wiring harnesses with color coding and all the necessary connectors. Installation is painless and straightforward, hence the name. If you are a car owner seeking a reliable and efficient wiring setup, you should definitely use these systems.

Advantages of Choosing Painless Performance Wire Harnesses

Surely, there are advantages to using a painless wiring system. We will discuss the four advantages of the painless performance wire harnesses.

Fewer wires to route

When in the final stage of the harnesses, painlessly group the wires by using the right vehicle location. Nevertheless, the harness will vary due to the application.

However, the average harness will have approximately 15-18 groups of wires joined together. Grouping wires will save you so much time because there won’t be any need to start routing over one hundred wires. Instead, you will only have to deal with the groups.

Highest quality component

A high-quality wire

A high-quality wire

Painless harnesses use the best-quality components, including the TXL wire. The wire is notable for its lightweight and bending ability, as well as its high-temperature rating, which is best for engine compartments. Apart from the TXL wire, every painless harness has a premium painless fuse block. This fuse block contains OEM-style and blade-style fuses like ATO and MAXI. The fuse blocks have circuits labeled boldly for seamless installation and troubleshooting.

Clearly labeled

The function of every painless harness is to have a bold labeling every few inches on the entire wire length. For easy identification, darker wires have their functions printed in lighter colors, such as white ink. On the contrary, lighter wires have their functions printed in dark ink.

Simple instructions

The instructions for every harness are easy to read and understand. You do not have to read many complex instructions to install these harnesses. 

How to Install a Painless Performance Wire Harness

A car engine

A car engine

First, you should mount the fuse block in the best place because this step is very important. The system’s entire performance is dependent on the wiring connection and how secure it is. 

After ensuring the security of the fuse block, you can now route each wire bundle to other parts of the vehicle, easily. The installation is painless and simple.


With this innovation, any car enthusiast can wire a car and turn it into an efficient machine. So, make sure you cross-check all the steps necessary in installing the painless performance harness.

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