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A car’s open bonnet.

Fusible Link Wire: Is it Different from a Fuse?

Many people confuse the fusible link wire with a typical fuse. But even though they perform similar duties, it’s essential to understand the specific application of each.  In today’s guide, we’ll take you through the features of a fusible link wire in detail. We’ll also elaborate on its primary applications…

A colorful engine control unit

Engine Harness – Definition, Fault Diagnosis, and Replacement Steps

About Engine Harness: Every vehicle, boat, plane, or any other machinery needs a wiring harness in its system. This vital set of wires and cables connects various electrical systems in these machines to help relay information and power.  Today’s article discusses the engine harness, what it is, and how to…

A Handheld Crimper.

Battery Cable Crimper: How to Choose the Right DIY Crimper Tool

Join us for an elaborate discussion on battery cable crimper tools. Today, we will cover the main crimper tools you need for your general hobbyist/DIY applications.  Also, we’ll compare crimping to soldering to help you know the better method.  Let’s get started.  What is Wire Crimping? It is simply installing…

Wiring harness manufacturing process

Wiring Harness Tools – A Comprehensive Guide

About Wiring Harness Tools, If you’re in an industry that works with electrical systems, you must need a wiring harness at some point.  But since wiring harnesses aren’t a one-fit-all design, you must manufacture yours or get a company that makes custom ones.  For this reason, you need the right…

Working on battery cables

DIY Battery Cables – How to Make Yours Locally

About DIY Battery Cables: As a vehicle owner, you will need battery cables at some point, especially when your old ones get worn out.  These wires transfer power from your car battery to the ignition, starter, and circuit systems.  While you can buy a ready-made cable from the store, they…

A car battery cable

Battery Cables for Cars – All You Need to Know

About Battery Cables for Cars: Before you can even start driving, your car’s components must be in place and perfect condition.  Some of these parts are the cables that transmit power from the battery to various components, e.g., the starter.  We must discuss car battery cables, their standards and gauges,…

A USB to OBDII cable

USB to OBDII Cable for Car Diagnostics: All You Need To Know

What is a USB to OBDII cable for car diagnostics?  When scanning your car to diagnose engine problems or other logged issues, you can use an OBD2 scanner or a laptop. Most DIYers use the first option, but laptops offer more powerful scanning with a large-resolution display to view the…

A courtesy lamp (cabin/dome light)

Courtesy Lamp: Types, Failure Symptoms, and Replacement Costs

Most people associate courtesy lamp with the dome lights in car cabins. But they are more than these ceiling lamps.  Regardless of the location, these lights turn on when you open something, usually the car door. Here’s all you need to know about these lights, including the symptoms and causes…

A multipurpose turn signal switch

How To Install a Turn Signal Switch: 5 Quick Replacement Steps

Turn signal switches house multiple functions in modern vehicles, so their failure can make driving unsafe. However, replacing these components is a straightforward process. If yours misbehaves, here’s how to install a turn signal switch. What Is a Turn Signal Switch? A turn signal switch is a lever-operated switch that…

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