Grounding Box: Why a Grounding Box Matters

An RFI EMI filter is a typical grounding box.

Why do you need an audio grounding box for your car stereo system? Listening to music while driving is undoubtedly cool and makes the ride enjoyable. But have you ever had a car stereo that has scratchy output? An audio grounding box is handy in rectifying such an issue.  Generally, a grounding box blocks signal …

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Ideas For Automotive Wire Harness: An Ultimate Guide on Automotive Wire Harness Industry

Automotive Wire Harness

About Ideas For Automotive Wire Harness: Delivery issues of harnesses have impacted vehicle production, causing a partial standstill for several manufacturers.  This effect demonstrates the importance of the production process of wire harnesses regarding production as a whole.  The article below discusses the various ideas for automotive wire harnesses. Ideas For Automotive Wire Harness in …

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PCB SMT Assembly: Modern Era Technique in PCB Manufacturing

PCB SMT assembly

Electronics manufacturing is advancing every day, and thus, you need to look for better and more efficient processes for manufacturing components. One of the innovative processes in electronics manufacturing is the PCB SMT assembly.  Let’s learn more about this technology and why it has become essential in modern PCB manufacturing.  What is PCB SMT assembly? …

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6V to 12V Conversion: What To Replace and What To Keep

A vintage battery charger with a 6V-12V switch

If you want to upgrade or restore your vintage or classic car made before the mid-80s, you’ll probably need a 6V to 12V conversion kit. All vehicles, mopeds, and motorcycles currently run on 12-volt electrical systems, but there was a time when 6V was the standard.  Luckily, the upgrade process is relatively straightforward, and here’s …

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PCB Ribbon Connector: A Close Look at the Types and Advantages

A flat ribbon cable connected to a PCB

PCB ribbon connector is typical in applications requiring space efficiency, durability, and reliability advantages when handling circuit board connections.  They achieve these advantages using features like multiple pins and latching clips for strain relief. Let’s analyze this cable-to-board connector to understand its types and advantages/reasons why you should include the joint in your project. What …

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Club Car Throttle Cable Adjustment: Why Adjust the Cable and the Adjustment Steps

A mechanic adjusting a vehicle’s throttle cable

Here are detailed steps of the Club Car Throttle Cable Adjustment process. Club Car manufactures gas-powered and electric golf carts as well as personal and commercial small utility vehicles. Regardless of the vehicle, throttle cable adjustment follows the same procedure.  But gas and electric propulsion systems can have varying components with contrasting adjustment procedures. So, …

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