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Many coaxial radio frequency cables for measurements

Phase-matched cables: Everything you need to know about

About Phase-matched cables: Many times, you need several cables together to connect a system. For instance, in an Electronically Steerable Antenna, the antenna has multiple sections. You need different cables to connect each section to the system or the control. However, while using cables for these sections, it is essential…

Thermocouple devices

Thermo Wire – All You Need to Know

About Thermo Wire: While you may not know, gadgets that monitor your vehicle components’ temperature play a key role in their optimal functionality.  For instance, monitoring the brake disc temperature ensures optimal braking, while that of the engine parts ensures optimized combustion and power.  Although there may be several devices…

A transmission output speed sensor

Transmission Speed Sensor Connector – Everything You Need to Know

While you may not know, transmission speed sensors are vital devices in the smooth running of your modern car. In this article, I will talk about the transmission speed sensor connector, its types, how it works, and faulty symptoms. What Is Transmission Speed Sensor? Transmission speed sensors are small electronic…

Battery Terminals of an SLA.

Battery Wire Terminal: Tips to Choose a Battery Wire Terminal for Your Car

About Battery Wire Terminal: Knowing battery wire terminals is vital, especially if you’re a DIY car repair enthusiast. This comprehensive guide provides all the details on choosing the right one for your car. We’ll also explain the different battery terminal types and offer maintenance tips. Let’s get started.  What are…

A tractor headlight.

Sealed Beam Headlight Wiring: All You Need to Know

About sealed beam headlight wiring. Welcome to this guide, where we leave no stone unturned on auto headlight wiring. A dim, faulty, or malfunctioning headlight resembles the proverbial running in the dark.  So today, we bring you insights on how to ensure your sealed beam headlight shines brightest. We’ll also…

A car horn

Car Horn Wiring – Everything You Need to Know

About Car Horn Wiring: Apart from the signal lights, your horn is the other vital communication system in your car regarding safety. On pressing it button, this system emits a loud sound which warns other road users of your presence.  But did you know that, like any other system, your…


RG Coaxial Cable: Everything You Need to Know

Today, RG coaxial cable is the most commonly used cables in the house, especially for TV connections and other connections outside the house. However, what does rg mean? The article below will discuss RG and the factors to consider when choosing coaxial cables What are RG Coaxial Cables? Standard coax…


Automotive Wire Crimping – Everything You Need to Know

About Automotive Wire Crimping: When transferring current and information from one car’s electrical circuit to the other, you need a wire.  However, for these wires to connect to the electrical device, you must fix connectors at their ends through crimping.  How well you crimp your connector to the wire determines…

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